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Found 4 results

  1. Yesterday, I bought a Retron 2 and started playing DW 3 and my party consists of Hero Aiko (Female), Fighter Kyoko (Female), Fighter KImiko (Female), Wizard Laton (Male). This game brings back old memories of my first play through which it took me 15 days to complete at $3 when I rented the game back then in 1991 and now I own a copy.
  2. Right now, I am doing a video walkthrough for the original Dragon Quest. If you would like to follow along... Also, if you prefer text-based walkthroughs, I summarize everything to do in the video descriptions.
  3. Like the title says; I have seen tons of threads and posts about this item. But no actual pics as proof. I first played this game as a child when it came out. And then every few years again every so often. But I had never EVER seen the mysterious hat, nor had I EVER seen pics with proof of it's actual NES in game existence. So until now I thought it ONLY existed in the remakes, but not the original nes one. Well today I was proved wrong; it dropped from Pazuzu (YES, I know what the original poster says that was out for DW2: that pazuzu and magic vampirus drop it; but again NEVER saw it drop ever until today and that same poster said it was an item, NOT a helmet). And guess what else? Since I understand how people might think I was bs'ing I took 3 pics as proof; one when it dropped, one while equipped (yes you equip it), and one from the status screen. This happened in an emulator (which means nothing; emulators do NOT alter the game's original code, and YES there is only one nes version of DW2), and no I didn't do anything special; I simply killed pazuzu. And yes, I have fought literally HUNDREDS of magic vampiruses and NEVER gotten one (and yes I kill them last). I honestly NEVER expected this. Here are the pics. Good god.... I can die a happy man now. lol P.S. I also put this post up on Gamefaqs.com. I am so in shock right now.
  4. I am currently playing Dragon Warrior IV For the NES (the original) and I have found some handy spots for experience grinding. Chapter 1: Loch Tower has a room with squares in it that if run run over will restore Healies MP. It is room E on the first floor. Since you start at the top of Loch Tower it is near the end. If you exit Loch tower any other way than from the top (first floor you land in when using the flying shoes) you will be stuck on the island. If you exit the tower from any other points than the top floor just walk back in. It will take you to the top floor, where you can then exit the whole island. If you are in trouble and may die by going back in you should have 1 wing of wyvern that was in a chest in the tower(note: this is the one and only wing of wyvern in chapter 1, so use it wisely). If you play cautiously watching your health you can last in the tower for quite some time. Stay close to the room E (so you can see the door at all times on the screen) and run around to activate battles. There are no monsters in room E so once your in the door your safe. Healie cannot use Heal outside of battle (he/she is not under your command in battle either) but you can use Medical Herbs on Healie to keep him/her alive(in my mind a He). Remember once you complete Loch Tower you will be unable to fight any more with Ragnar in chapter 1, so don't walk into room F until you are ready to move on with the story. To better understand these tips download the DWIV Tokuma Guide (click link to download). http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw4nes/guide/dw4tokuma.pdf
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