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Found 5 results

  1. Guess who finally remembered her olde password! Before I make my glorious comeback, I must clear the air of old rivalries and hatreds. I apologize to Mr. Woodus and his glorious site. I over-reacted a long time ago and left the site because I felt threatened. I am sorry Mr. Dwaine. I do love DQshrine. But your icon and your face scares me. You're like my father if he fused with Hitler. No offense to Germans. I actually am 40% German, 20% Native American, and 40% of my mother's side. I am deeply sorry, Geoni aka Mokomoko and Yangus's biggest fan. I insulted your lifestyle when in fact you're a hard working average person. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I apologize to my friend Deb aka BurgerPrincess. I made her a profile on DQ-HQ, but when she would not help me I took over the BurgerPrincess profile. In reality Deb lives in California and is a Jewish drama queen. She hates Akira Toriyama's artwork. On behalf of my younger, Cali friend, "Shut the hell up, Deborah." I am sorry 1337bleachfan and supercybertv but I cannot keep paying for DQ-HQ. I have yet to find a job in the real world, and I cannot support that site forever as it keeps growing. I would need financial support to keep the site afloat. And to the rest of you.... Kiss my feet. And since this is on the DQ IX area I have a quick questions..... Is it possible to make that snazzy cool pirate captain's coat in the alchemy pot? I got the guide book but I can never find the exact recipe!
  2. JessicaAlbert13

    Me with Glasses

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    It's all in the face, boys. All in the face. Or the glasses. Okay, yeah, it's in the glasses.
  3. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    My face without glasses is sorta like my vision without glasses. A picture of real life JessicaAlbert13! OMGDSS! I take all selfies with my DSiXL.
  4. Yo, tis JessicaAlbert13 back on the Den to tell you dwellers that DQ-HQ has a new address! No longer is DQ-HQ's address that weird annoying superywebtv/websblahblah. Now the site has a proper name! It's no longer a bastard child, it finally has a name it can be proud of! The new address is www.dragonquesthq.com Dragon Quest HQ. So simple and easy to remember, eh? Much easier to read off than the old address. I can't begin to tell you how much shame that old address use to bring me. I'd walk into Gamestops and guys would ask, "Oh, Emma, I hear you run a fan site. What's the address?" and I couldn't even copy it down because the address was so construed! Now the old address still works for some wonky reason, but stop using it. From now on use the new domain name. If you have the old one saved to favorites, delete it and add the new, improved domain. Hopefully the site will see more activity, and it will have more storage space for videos and photos. Yup, this could be the new dawn of DQ-HQ! .......... Of course, this could all backfire and completely blow up in my face and leave the website into tiny charred bits, but heck, I've pulled the site out of worse. As long as people use the new domain name everything should be fine. At least I humbly beg it to be so.
  5. Yo, I know I'm not on the Den as often as I use to be. I know ya'll love me cuz I'm just so adorable and spunky and energetic. When I'm gone from Dden I notice you guys send me emails begging me "JessicaAlbert13! Come back! We loooooove you!" Or at least that's how I interpret the messages. They usually say "Are you dead?" which I don't get because if I was dead I would not be buried with my computer. When I die I plan to be buried with my DSiXL. Anyways when I'm online but not on Dragon's Den, you can usually find me in these places: http://superybertv.webs.com/ That's DQ-HQ. I usually lurk around the forums there. I keep the site updated with pictures and videos too. Other members also contribute some really juicy pics and vids too. I respond to DQ-HQ messages ASAP. Dragon Quest HQ is like my baby. I always check up on her everyday via computer, laptop, or stolen/borrowed cellphone or iPhone/Pod thingy. http://jessicaalbert13.tumblr.com/ Tumblr account. It was bound to happen. I have no regrets. I browse around for funny pics and constantly keep up with the Dragon Quest scene. I answer every email/message I get there too. http://www.youtube.com/user/JessicaAlbert13?feature=mhee Neh, actually I hang out on youtube even less than the Den. Unless I'm uploading a video, I'm not on youtube. I create Dragon Quest fan videos from time to time, and I just recently started a Dragon Age 2 Let's Play. I'm waiting for the Let's Play to get more views before continuing (and also I'm lazy and playing Dragon Warrior II). I mostly watch youtube via my Wii or iPod. Also I don't like all the new hype changes to youtube. But I answer my messages there. And I mean messages actually addressed to me and just me; I don't answer sub-for-sub or Check Out Ryan's Latest Beer Bash spam. I have a facebook too but that would just bore you. Anyways ta-ta for now!
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