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Found 54 results

  1. Hello, I'm JessicaAlbert13 if you didn't already know. I'm a huge fan of Dragon Quest! I've completed every game, cept Dragon Warrior VII (grah, 82 hours in and still on disc 1). My website is DQ-HQ and I have a tumblr, both links are on my signature. I have a youtube by the same name. In fact if you find a JessicaAlbert13 that's not me I would be shocked! I would love to see more Dragon Quest in English, and not just Dragon Quest games. At home I have a HUGE manga collection. I'm a book nerd! I love Berserk, Sailor Moon (they're re-releasing it), Black Cat, FullMetal Alchemist, +Anima, The Legend of Zelda manga (by Akira Himekawa), Slayers (actually the light novels), .Hack (manga and light novels), The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (light novels), Dragon Ball, Sand Land (by Akira Toriyama), Cique Du Freak (by Takahiro Arai), Lucky Star, Ruroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho... and the list goes on! I also have a collection of manga straight from Japan! I have 14 volumes of the Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden manga. Odd how I have the manga and the game yet I still haven't managed to beat DQ VII! My Dragon Quest VII manga is in Japanese of course. I bought it at an Anime Convention. I've tried translating bits and pieces but my Japanese is...um.... lacking. I'm improving a bit! I can read hiragana and katakana! And I know Japanese grammar rules. I just don't have all the words memorized. (I'm bad at trying to learn languages on my own!) But this post isn't for Dragon Quest VII... you see thanks to ChaotikZ I have downloaded Dragon Quest manga on my computer! I have some 4Koma manga and Dragon Quest VI! Problem there... the Dragon Quest VI manga is missing some vital pages. Same with some of the 4Koma, but 4Koma manga is gag manga and doesn't need a fluid storyline. Each strip is a 4 panel comic. You can see examples here: http://superybertv.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=112426682 However, there was one manga download that had every page included! The Dragon Quest V Heaven Manga, the manga that tells the story of Sora and Ten, the hero and Bianca's children, as they search for their parents. The manga is ten volumes total and every book has every page inlcuded! So let me get to the point of this topic..... I would like to translate the Heaven Manga and some 4Koma manga! I could try it by myself but I would feel comfortable if anyone here on the Den would be willing to help me! My understanding of Japanese is kindergarten at best. I would like someone confident in Japanese to help me out! And I'd like to know how to go about posting manga on the Den here or DQ-HQ. You see, my dream is to post the DQ V Heaven Manga and more 4Koma strips. With more Dragon Quest manga floating around the internet, perhaps fans will regain their vigor for the series! And attract new fans! The only fully translated Dragon Quest manga is the Dai manga by project Square Ocean. DQ has so much more to offer! I'd like to see more Dragon Quest manga available online! If you're willing to lend me a hand or advice email me at: jessicaalbert1992(at)yahoo(dot)com or send me a message on the Den or DQ-HQ!
  2. lordmisfit

    Barrell Kingstone

    From the album: ProfessorMegaman's Works

    OC concept of a "Chief Soldier/Guard under the employ of the Briscoletti Family" in my DQ5-related project. Has been around since Rodrigo was a teenager and has his own personal, customized version of a Cautery Sword as his main weapon.

    © ProfessorMegaman

  3. From the album: ProfessorMegaman's Works

    OC concept idea based on a 'descendant of Meena/Maya' for my DQ5-related project. Uses a specialized halberd as his weapon.

    © ProfessorMegaman

  4. I married Nera in my latest play of Dragon Quest V. She's really a lovable character once you start talking to her! So cute and childish at times, yet wise and insightful during serious moments. Also I love how she calls the hero "darling." I am so sorry Bianca! But the bride choices in DQ V all have their strengths and character moe points! It's mental anguish when you must choose one! (my only complaint about marrying Nera is that neither Bianca or Debora marry ten years later. I thought perhaps Crispin and Debora would marry but no. Bianca should marry that carpenter in Stockenbarrel! Maybe Debora and that bartender who calls her 'delicious Debora?') Anyways while in Fortuna on my honeymoon with my bambina bride I spoke to the bartender at the casino, the man who bets 1,000 G that the legendary hero will show up. I talked to Nera next and I swear I laughed so hard and long at her response my DSi lost its battery charge! Nera to her husband: "Do you think the legendary hero will just suddenly pop up out of nowhere? Or do you think he'll be born as someone's child and then realise his destiny one day?" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Nera! We have a rule against no spoilers!
  5. This is a concept I have had banging around in my head for awhile now, and I thought I should see about some feedback/thoughts and maybe even some assistance on this project during the summer. The general idea is modifying the story of Dragon Quest V, my all time favorite DQ game into something a bit different changing some aspects and even crossing over a few things from DQ IV and DQ VI. So without further a do here is a list of what would mostly likely be changed in this hack. We'll start from big changes to smaller changes. A 4th Heavenly Bride, a character idea I had after I played all three of the brides. She is a blood-red haired girl one year younger than the hero. She is a Healer type character, as all of the brides were Mage type characters. (Unless you consider Debora a Warrior, although I personally don't.) She meets the young hero as she is leaving Whealbrook with her Adoptive Parents, bumping into him by accident, her parents apologize to Pankraz and the hero and leave. She then doesn't appear until Pankraz and the Hero arrive in Coburg, seemingly bumping into them in front of the castle, she asks if the Hero would like to play with her and Pankraz asks if she would like to keep the hero company while he talks with the king. She essentially joins the party and they meet Prince Harry, etc. The story stays quite similar with the exception of added dialogue, she also goes with the Hero to save Prince Harry, feeling somewhat responsible. Then like the Hero and Harry becomes a slave, and spends 10 hard years building the temple. She joins them on their escape, and the three leave together from the abbey. The story stays quite the same except instead of Harry suggesting they go to Coburg after staying in Roundbeck, it is her instead stating although Harry is unsure of going back to Coburg they both know its the right thing to do, to at least see whats happened to their home. So they go to Coburg, etc. Upon arrival she asks the hero if they could visit her parents, only to learn that they had sold their home shortly after she was kidnapped. Although a bit heartbroken she continues with the hero on his journey. The game plays out the same up until the marriage part of the game in which she only accompanies the hero to get the Circle of Fire, afterwards she says she has serious thinking to do. Then she admits her feelings for the hero after bringing back the Circle of Water. If she is married she takes on the role of the loving and supportive wife. If she isn't married, she tells the hero that she understands, and that although it will take her time she will find a way to move on. She then states that she is going to go on a journey to find her parents, although she always knew they weren't her real parents, she still loves them just the same. She finds them in Gotha sometime between the 2nd and 3rd Generation, unless she was married in which case she finds them almost upon arrival. The game plays out the same from there on she gives birth to red head twins, she gets kidnapped, stoned, unstoned, saves hero's mother, happy ending. Not sure on a name for her yet though, thinking maybe Alice. There is a sidequest that I am thinking about including involving a magic scroll that greatly piqued Alice's interest and after obtaining the scroll she learns that it describes a very powerful ritual involving cloning. This is a miss-able quest however as its purpose only takes place when Harry leaves the party when he states that he wishes he could go with the Hero on his quest. Alice then explains that if he truly wanted to he could using the cloning spell explaining that the way the spell works is that it makes an exact copy of a person. Then by casting the spell again it combines the two people creating one person who has the strength of the one that is stronger, and even the memories of both. She explains that it can even be cast multiple times on the same person however once used on a person it can only be used on them until death. Harry agrees to this however, the hero may for whatever reason decline and the scroll might serve another purpose. If Harry does join he stays with the hero throughout Generation 2. He updates or syncs with his clone on two occasions the first time when they are called by Prince Harry to see him after having got married to Maria, and during the Wedding of the Hero. He is killed my Ladja trying to help the Hero and his Wife, and as a result automatically syncs with the Harry in Coburg. He can join again if the scroll is used on him in Generation 3 or the Hero can leave him be, either way he still has his son Kendrick and after everything he lives happily with Maria and as Wilbur's Advisor. Another change that might exist is that of a New Game Plus sort of feature, if it is possible. It would simply start the scene of the hero's soul being sent back into his younger body, all of his strength would be sent to him. The game would then start similar to how it would however instead of talking about his dream about being in a castle when he was a baby. He would tell Pankraz about how he was sent back in time. Pankraz, finding this statement quite humorous patted his son's back and sent him off. The game plays similar to how the original game would play with a small amount of dialogue changes. Up until the battle with Ladja, where by this point you would potentially be able to survive 100 turns or perhaps defeat him, something of that measure. This would change the scene whether it be by exhaustion, or something else the hero is without quite a bit of strength, his father leaves quite similar parting words as he did before however, lacking the strength to Summon Kon and Slon, Ladja fought him himself, weakening Ladja to the point where he couldn't Kafrizzle him to death. Instead he simply states that he will regret having weakened him so, and turns Pankraz to stone. Things would play out as they had before from there on out, his father would still be a statue if visited in Generation 2 however without any real way to cure him of his state. However if he is visited in Generation 3 with the children he can be released using the staff that the daughter has. (I believe it was a staff he used to save the Hero.) At the moment I'm not sure on the effect this would have on Mada as I can't remember that far into the story. (I'll need to brush up before I can remember.) Those are the major things I was thinking of, now on to some more minor things. Nera's name is changed back to Flora Harry's Level cap is adjusted to 99, his max stats are also modified accordingly as is his skillset and equipable items. To make things a little heart breaking I am considering seeing if its possible to change the ending of the brides that weren't chosen to their original darker story, specifically Bianca's because, well I am a monster like that who wants you to feel guilty. Not 100% sure on this but may include the Solar Fan and Lunar Fan as Shields for Alice to use only. (Yes I know they are supposed to be weapons, but you know what!?? I am breaking a lot of rules here anyway, so why not?) They would have the same defense except one when used as an item would cast Crackle while the other when used as an item would cast Sizzle. Debora *might* marry if she isn't married, just not sure to whom if at all. Alice starts of equipped with a DQIV item the Lucidia Shard usable only by her, and her kids. (I think it was in DQVI too.) There may be a super secret shop selling DQIV and VI items being kept by the infamous Torneko Taloon. (Actually its Torneko Taloon the Third, but they are essentially the same person.) Who will most likely sell extremely rare equipment of some kind, OR seeds. The Metal King Items are replaced with the Liquid Metal Items from DQIV and the Metal King Items are instead located elsewhere either sold by Torneko or hidden within Sidequests. (The Metal King Items will be slightly stronger than the Liquid Metal ones of course.) There may be a side quest involving a Sorcerer who tries to harness the power of the last Legendary Hero, summoning his soul to fight for him. You fight the Last Hero (It's Solo!) and after you defeat him you get the Metal King Sword (I am thinking instead of Solo you might just fight 4 of the Chosen ones although I don't know who I would be interested in who you think the four should be). There may be an extremely rare item called Goddess Pie, it will raise the level of the person who uses it. (Might be sold by Torneko as well.) All 4 brides will learn Magic Burst upon reaching level 45. Pankraz is to have visible EXP and Level Gains in New Game + due to the possibility of being added as a member of the party permanently. This includes more skills to learn with level gains, skills will likely be similar to Hero's. All of these were just thoughts of what I might try to create, I know its a lot and honestly since I have no prior knowledge of hacking it probably won't be done within even a year. However I am interested in feedback and thoughts, and maybe even collaboration in getting this created. EDIT: It would appear bullets don't actually appear... interesting.
  6. I was looking online for a map with SNES Fan Translated town names online, but was unable to find one, so I took the DS Overworld Map for DQV and added the Fan names for the towns. I realize that it does not look professional, but it is functional. I give credit to http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/dq5/worldmap.shtml (though the map listed there was not detailed enough for my use (picture-wise), nor did it have the names on the picture itself.) for giving me the names of the locations and also some credit to King Zenith for the DS overworld map. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq5ds/maps.php?tp=maps_overworld The Map: http://www.pictureshack.us/images/49056_Dragon_Quest_V_SNES_Map_w_Names.jpg
  7. JessicaAlbert13

    Massage, NOW!

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Yes, my love~!
  8. JessicaAlbert13


    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Hopefully Gotha has a cheap community college
  9. From the album: DQ Doo-das

    PICCOLO AS THE HERO FROM DRAGON QUEST V. I faint from fangirly emotions.....
  10. JessicaAlbert13

    Domestic Abuse!

    From the album: DQ Doo-das

    Maybe Bianca isn't the best choice
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