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Found 6 results

  1. I keep hearing people say DQ5 is the greatest game in the universe but I honestly don't agree so far. I'm on the prologue and god, does it feel bloated and pointless. The arcs in the prologue are so uninteresting and seemingly so unimportant it makes my head spin. I thought I was free when the haunted house arc was done and the actual was story was gonna get set up, but nope, I have to save the fairies now I guess. Does anyone else dislike the prologue?
  2. Has anyone been able to break down how much the new accessory improves the odds of a monster joining? I assume it would double the chance, but with how accommodating the remakes are in general it may well be higher.
  3. I just recently purchased the Big Book of Beasts in Fortuna and noticed that I had missed a few enemies back in the earlier stages of the game. The Ghost I know I can encounter elsewhere, but I missed the Screwball Pitcher and from what I've been able to find they only exist during the First Generation of the game when you're a child. So my question is since I missed this monster, am I missing out on any prizes if you complete the Big Book of Monsters? I know in DQIV you get 300,000 casino tokens, but does DQV give a reward for completing the book?
  4. Like it's been a while since I've played but I was just thinking; it's really dark. Like REALLY dark. like w h a t t h e h e c k
  5. I posted this to Reddit a while ago but realized that people on this forum might find use for it. Whilst playing through DQV recently I had to refer to guides a lot for recruitment rates and such, so I made a chart. http://imgur.com/HXJf5sV
  6. I don't know if it was just me, but the Widescreen patch for DQV PS2 didn't affect the overworld or battles, only villages, dungeons, etc. I also couldn't find another patch that would fix this, so I decided to make my own. So here is an updated widescreen patch for PCSX2 emulator, in case I wasn't the only one with this problem. If anyone can test it out to make sure it works on other machines, that would be great Download Link
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