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Found 1 result

  1. Part 1 This is a translation of the alchemy guide from http://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_renkin1.html While below it keeps mentioning Vase alchemy (Which I could have and may have elsewhere referred to as pot alchemy or jar alchemy) it should also apply to lamp alchemy. First I will introduce how the alchemy roulette works. ■The number of spaces and their type in a vase. There are four types of spaces: "Great Success [ALCHEMIRACLE]" (Yellow), "Success" (Blue), "Failure" (Black), Purple Parupunte [Chance, Hocus Pocus] (Purple). There are a total of 100 spaces, so one space is equivalent to a 1% chance. A "Great Success" will give you an effect like 2 (+3), while a failure give you something like 2(-1). Parupunte will give you a completely different effect then the one you choose. As a default the chances are as follows. ※These are for entry level alchemy(Some alchemy was not confirmed) Times Success or Great Success, Failure, Parupunte First Alchemy 74% 18% 8% Second Alchemy 65% 28% 7% Third Alchemy 56% 38% 6% Each piece of equipment has 0 to 3 ★ and for each★ you can do alchemy on it. ★★★ means you can do alchemy on it 3 times, but your chance of success is highest on the first time, and it decreases each time. ■The relationship between the type of vase and it's number of stars. (Success, and Great Success). Above Success and Great Success were combined but in reality the amount of Success and Great Success is based on the type of vase. Type of Vase / Number of Stars "Great Success percent" Type of Vase ★0 ★1 ★2 ★3 Bronze Vase 10 13 16 21 Iron Vase 13 16 19 24 Silver Vase 16 19 22 27 Platinum Vase 19 22 25 30 The percentage for "Great Success" is the multiple of the combined "Success and Great Success" higher up with the "Great Success" percentage above. To be exact, round up one after the multiplication. For example, if you are below level 10 in crafting and you do an entry level alchemy of "Attack +2" your chance of success or great succesd for the first alchemy is 74% but if you use a Iron Vase★ the chance of Great Success is 74%×16%=11.84% which u ou round up to 12%. ■Other affects on success On top of this when you reach crafting level 10 you get the skill of "Success percentage up 1%" and 1 point of failure from now on will be replaced by a space of "Success or Great Success". ※While level 20 gives 2% increase and level 30 a 3% increase the author has not examined these figures. [This original article was also written before the level 30 crafting cap quest was added to the game.
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