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  1. This thread gives me a great desire to take a trip down memory lane and play FFXI again...but then I remember that installation length and Square Enix account related configuration, so maybe not. I wonder how FFXIV 2.0/Realm Reborn will play out.
  2. Hero: Fisticuffs (for 'Thin Air'); Swords; Courage Yangus: Axes; Fisticuffs; Humanity (was nice having an extra heal available early on) Jessica: Staves; Sex Appeal Angelo: Swords; Charisma
  3. Hi Aeryn, I'll take the DQ1 file as it is; should be more than enough to get my bearings. Don't bother yourself about transcribing the innkeeper/merchant items, as I'll hopefully work it out after awhile. Thank you so much for writing this up, it's hugely appreciated!
  4. Glad you got the problem fixed without having to dig into the bowels of your laptop. You can't go far wrong with 64-bit Vista, it's a well-rounded operating system. It's better than Windows 7, which restricts the ability to play a ton of pre-2005 PC games, making you spend endless hours attempting to find fixes and patches to deal with countless issues. I had 32-bit Vista on a desktop upon the release of Vista, this was installed even though I had requested the 64-bit. It was, before any updates, a damn terrible OS. I initially regretted changing from XP and felt like doing the following to my PC and the guy who had installed the 32-bit Vista with only 1GB of RAM.
  5. Ah, okay. Looking forward to tackling it.
  6. Yep, streetpass hits feel near nonexistent. Luckily, I've got the Ambassador title, but it's a disgrace that a year later on Nintendo haven't made GBA games available on the 3DS eShop.
  7. Started watching RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ a few months back. Put it on during a spur of the moment, quickly realised that it was pretty much the most pretenious anime I've ever watched. The writer seems to just let the show's plot ride on horrendous characters and various hentai-esque scenes, all the time believing that he's created something grand. At first I didn't like Baccano!, but it rapidly grew into one of my favourite animes.
  8. I've never played DQVII, but 120 hours for one disc sounds ridiculous - ridiculous in a really good way. Guess that's hit home for me in getting some insight into the length of this beast. How's disc 2's size?
  9. It looks excellent. I enjoyed IX; I just hope this remake doesn't fall into 'feeling' like IX.
  10. I've only ever had two hits on streetpass and I've had my 3DS from July '11, with streetpass being on all the time while having the 3DS in a bag with me when I'm out and about, though I've not taken it anywhere in over a year. I hope everything will be available via obtainment within the game itself.
  11. I almost had a similar scenario on my hands. I was at the stage where I was about to go through the process of trying to emulate DQVII, or get an import a copy and a workaround for playing it. Would have taken a fair amount of time to setup, and not to mention a hefty sum of cash if I had went the import route. Glad I held off for a few weeks, as I would probably have gotten half way through DQVII and then been slapped in the face with the announcement of the 3DS remake. However, God knows how long we'll be waiting for it to reach the West; that's if it does at all.
  12. I don't mind sticking to a console for the occasional RPG, but I completely agree; there is nothing better than just being able to quickly load up a handheld without any restraints.
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