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  1. Ohhh interesting - I always used Control from Tamers to deal with those fun little SkullEaters. Anyway, I'm currently playing... very little. I started Kingdom Hearts 2, and started Okami, but just never seem to get around to playing them. I probably should before the wave of Christmas games comes forth...
  2. Well... I beat Xenosaga III yesterday. Damn, it was good. Only the music was lacking... and I guess the battles were pretty slow sometimes. But it was definitely played for the story... just... wow. My next goal will be to get Disgaea 2 from my brother. Other than that, I only took a few games with me to university, and so I have nothing on the go! It's pretty crazy. I might restart Dragon Warrior 2, though, because I just got a craving to play it... so we'll see.
  3. XENOSAGA EPISODE III .... It boosted in front of every other game. If I catch any spoilers (unlikely, seeing as how I've already got a whopping 23 hours on the game [it came out wednesday in Canada]) I will kill you.
  4. My Brain Age is still 20. I beat Digital Devil Saga 2! A good final boss music and a not-so-great ending, but I mean... at that point, there wasn't much else they could do with the ending, I suppose. I great and muchly-recommended series. My party was around level 70 or so, so I was pretty impressed with that, too. I started and have played a lot of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana recently - my party is in level 34-ish or so, and I'm going to get proof that I know Mana - I got done the Ka Luda playground thing and got a bit farther than that, so that's all well and good. Xenosaga III co
  5. I got past Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and must say, it is very very good! Joshua and Natasha ended up together, but that game... definitely has replay value. I enjoyed trying to find bonds that seemed "strange" - AND I missed a character, Cormag... urgh. Oh well. My all-powerful people were Artur, Joshua, Natasha, Tana, Innes, Neimi, and Ephraim (ugh), so that was swell. I mean, I guess most of my people were generally powerful, with the exception of poor little Amelia, and slow-slow (though he seemed like a cool character) Knoll. I'll need to play it again sometime. I started Fire Em
  6. What? I specifically remember Nina confiding to Ryu when you're stuck on that boring island that "I think I'm in love with Cray..." Though I didn't know those scenes were removed - the main character is still shown nude at the beginning... weird that they didn't edit that too. Hmm... Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter Nina was like... a test-tube baby, I think. And she was quite young. If I had to tack ages on the characters, I would say Ryu 17, Nina 11 for that game. (And maybe Lin 24 or so) I beat Paper Mario! And I got past a chapter in Fire Emblem! ... I LOVE the off-topic character
  7. Hmm, well, I never really linked the two games together as them all being connected, myself... but I can say that I don't remember if they do in BoF1 because I just remember beating up this crying little girl and having the game end, and I TRIED to transform into another dragon form but couldn't! Breath of Fire II, no, and if they somehow DID manage to have "post-game speculation" activity, I would be shocked at Nina's... ah... flexibility? HAHAHA I'm laughing too hard right now. Breath of Fire III, I have no idea. I thought that she would end up with the one friend whose name I won't
  8. Yes, that's true... though I'm good at the math ones - on Easy mode for Triangle Math I've got to like... 26 seconds at best, and on hard, yeah, it's much tougher, but I find I do better if I don't try and rush myself. So I've managed about a minute and a half, I think... though possibly a bit more than that. Yeah, I'm bad at word memory too, unless I'm in a quiet place. Then I make up a story or song, out loud, that uses the words. I think I average about 14 words, so yeah, it makes my Brain Age go up some, hahaha... .... Tedious as in stupid. Like, hi, after you got through the pl
  9. Hmm... I enjoyed Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter more than any other in that whole series. I couldn't stand Breath of Fire 3 for the life of me... I TRIED to play through it, but couldn't. I think I was supposed to go across the ocean or something... Anyway, it was a real chore to play. Dragon Quarter, on the other hand, made you feel like you wanted to achieve the goal - and you knew where the goal WAS, too. The music was great, the challenge was there but not overwhelming, and there was the 'time limit' and dragon factor that made it unique. It was definitely what I thought the series needed
  10. So I beat Riviera: The Promised Land yesterday. It was good and fun! I used Ein, Fia, and Cierra for the final battle... with Lina standing by - so that's an indication of the whereabouts of Serene, anyone who's played it. (I think that's non-informative enough to be called not a spoiler) It was a good game... Cierra died during the battle, but I found it easier to manage as just Ein and Fia. Though I would've liked a Fia ending better... is it possible to get one? In other news, I'm approaching level 60 (level 67 for Gallows) in Wild ARMs 3 and am just barely into some Dreamy Castle Plac
  11. I was gonna quote that all just for the sake of quoting it, but maybe I won't... it's like... there's a quote within a quote within a quote... and ANOTHER quote within a quote... ALL in ONE massive quote. Just wanted to point that out. Good work! ... As for game progress... no, Wild ARMs 3 still isn't coming to an end. It's actually reminding me sort of like the game storyline I once wrote for a game in that respect. It was one of my most proud things ever!!! But at least there was usually some end in sight... I mean, geez.
  12. I love Tia!! (And hey, go southern Ontario people - I didn't know you were from Waterloo!) So I played some more Wild ARMs 3... and beat this ridicu-boss, Kraken, after 2 hours of battling as just Gallows (the others were hopelessly dead) going "Pressure"... "Pressure"... "Curing Spell" (I renamed my spells so I don't remember most of the originals)... so since he gained around 950000 EXP (his total at level 50 had been around 550000 to that point), he's now 13 levels ahead of my other people. I was not too impressed, but hey, at least it's not Virginia that's ahead! I just got the last o
  13. Wow, Wild ARMs 3 is taking longer than expected! I'm VERY impressed! Although the echolocation system is STILL very annoying. "Oh! I didn't talk to this one townsperson, so I can't sense the existence of this building. But after I talk to him and he says "There's a place to the southeast of here," I can suddenly sense it! *shoots a Bazooka of Rage*
  14. I thought this 'dilemma' of mine was pretty funny... I'm currently deciding whether to go to Yggdrasil in Wild ARMs 3, or Yggdrasil in Riviera first... hehehe - more games need to branch away from Yggy, I'm thinking. I think I'll go to Wild ARMs' Yggdrasil first.
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