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  1. Ohhh interesting - I always used Control from Tamers to deal with those fun little SkullEaters. Anyway, I'm currently playing... very little. I started Kingdom Hearts 2, and started Okami, but just never seem to get around to playing them. I probably should before the wave of Christmas games comes forth...
  2. Well... I beat Xenosaga III yesterday. Damn, it was good. Only the music was lacking... and I guess the battles were pretty slow sometimes. But it was definitely played for the story... just... wow. My next goal will be to get Disgaea 2 from my brother. Other than that, I only took a few games with me to university, and so I have nothing on the go! It's pretty crazy. I might restart Dragon Warrior 2, though, because I just got a craving to play it... so we'll see.
  3. XENOSAGA EPISODE III .... It boosted in front of every other game. If I catch any spoilers (unlikely, seeing as how I've already got a whopping 23 hours on the game [it came out wednesday in Canada]) I will kill you.
  4. My Brain Age is still 20. I beat Digital Devil Saga 2! A good final boss music and a not-so-great ending, but I mean... at that point, there wasn't much else they could do with the ending, I suppose. I great and muchly-recommended series. My party was around level 70 or so, so I was pretty impressed with that, too. I started and have played a lot of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana recently - my party is in level 34-ish or so, and I'm going to get proof that I know Mana - I got done the Ka Luda playground thing and got a bit farther than that, so that's all well and good. Xenosaga III comes out soon. *thump thump thump thump* goes my heart. So OMG I'm almost getting nervous. Expect updates on that soon, if it does get finished before I use free time to come on here instead of play it. Oh, and as for my game, Deedee, Kliman, Caver, and Mavahn are currently going to investigate the Resonation Tower, and thankfully there have been no really major errors in programming it so far. It's actually fleshed out to a decent length of a game, so far, although I'm starting to wish that I hadn't made the difference in spell powers so large... the equivalents of "Fire" "Fire 2" and "Fire 3", for example (mine are named differently) have base powers of 30, 120, and 250... which, argh, is too much when you don't know how strong to make bosses. I guess playtesting really does help figure out where the player will be in terms of strength... but it's a bit unfair because I know all my enemies' weaknesses. I'm currently programming a party-select system, so that's just loads of fun, too.
  5. I got past Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and must say, it is very very good! Joshua and Natasha ended up together, but that game... definitely has replay value. I enjoyed trying to find bonds that seemed "strange" - AND I missed a character, Cormag... urgh. Oh well. My all-powerful people were Artur, Joshua, Natasha, Tana, Innes, Neimi, and Ephraim (ugh), so that was swell. I mean, I guess most of my people were generally powerful, with the exception of poor little Amelia, and slow-slow (though he seemed like a cool character) Knoll. I'll need to play it again sometime. I started Fire Emblem: The One That Stars Lyn - clearly I don't have its subtitle on my mind right now. It's the prequel to Sacred Stones, so... Idunno. It feels similar, but different. Like, it's the difference in playing Paper Mario after playing Paper Mario 2. You can see a lot of similarities, but they definitely improved on a few things. But it's good so far - although!!! Florina already got wounded because of my carelessness! I was so used to having my superTana march into the centre of everything and take all the damage and live... ... ... but Florina does not equal Tana. See, I played The Sacred Stones where, if someone died, I would restart that battle completely - so I tried to play the best game I could (though I missed Cormag). But in THIS game, I'm saying "TOO BAD" for people that die. So we'll see how that goes. I got past windy-boss-thing in Digital Devil Saga 2, and got to the next TWIST. What a unique, but equally strange-in-a-good-way, game this is! So now... umm... yes. I've got my party altogther now, and am just gaining a few levels because I just rushed through the Airport area. It's soooo sad! Gale is my favourite character by far... geez you know it's a good game when you get true feelings of sadness and hopelessness just from playing the game. And I also started playtesting my own game that I'm getting ever closer to completion of (Heh it'll still be a while)! Gyris, Ferius, and Penelope are currently heading to the volcanoes to investigate the source of the strange, controlling beasts that are attacking the town of Dewidee. Damn, I need to write a decent description of my game sometime. What else...? Oh, and, my Brain Age is still 20.
  6. What? I specifically remember Nina confiding to Ryu when you're stuck on that boring island that "I think I'm in love with Cray..." Though I didn't know those scenes were removed - the main character is still shown nude at the beginning... weird that they didn't edit that too. Hmm... Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter Nina was like... a test-tube baby, I think. And she was quite young. If I had to tack ages on the characters, I would say Ryu 17, Nina 11 for that game. (And maybe Lin 24 or so) I beat Paper Mario! And I got past a chapter in Fire Emblem! ... I LOVE the off-topic character interactions, it's too bad there are only five per person... My favourite characters right now are my Artur/Joshua/Natasha/Gerik group that demolish everything. ... DDS2 is still difficult.
  7. Hmm, well, I never really linked the two games together as them all being connected, myself... but I can say that I don't remember if they do in BoF1 because I just remember beating up this crying little girl and having the game end, and I TRIED to transform into another dragon form but couldn't! Breath of Fire II, no, and if they somehow DID manage to have "post-game speculation" activity, I would be shocked at Nina's... ah... flexibility? HAHAHA I'm laughing too hard right now. Breath of Fire III, I have no idea. I thought that she would end up with the one friend whose name I won't give because it's a spoiler, but I'm not sure. That game definitely had issues. Breath of Fire IV I don't think they did, because... yeah, they just didn't. And besides, Nina was obsessed with the big cat guy - they certainly seem to personify her as being rather... voracious... with her choices - oh well, she needs a release after all that magic-casting anyway, I guess. Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - uhh... kinda? I guess? I wish there'd been more to the ending, but I really don't think that Ryu in that game would take advantage of Nina... she was much younger than he, and she looked up to him, and not in a sexual way. .... Hmm - that might be the post of mine that refers to sex the most to date. Look what you made me think up! Thanks for supporting what I said about the traumatic experience that was the first couple BoFs, though. I still refuse to "equip my lod and bait" when I fish in BoF2... *sigh* ... Oh, and I'm in Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario, for an update.
  8. Yes, that's true... though I'm good at the math ones - on Easy mode for Triangle Math I've got to like... 26 seconds at best, and on hard, yeah, it's much tougher, but I find I do better if I don't try and rush myself. So I've managed about a minute and a half, I think... though possibly a bit more than that. Yeah, I'm bad at word memory too, unless I'm in a quiet place. Then I make up a story or song, out loud, that uses the words. I think I average about 14 words, so yeah, it makes my Brain Age go up some, hahaha... .... Tedious as in stupid. Like, hi, after you got through the place with Ryu, Nina, Bo, and Karn, then you control your fishy (who ONLY serves to fuel OMEGA-Karn, which is unfair) who has like 60 HP, and the enemies kill you as soon as you go into the water. It's right when the battle music changes. I mean... the character power distribution is SO terrible in that game, it's astonishing! WHY would I be Mr. Fishy, Bo, Ox, or Mogu (I think I got those names right - the fish whose name is Gobi, yes I know), when I can be RYU NINA BLEU KARN and defeat everything? The SAME thing happens in Breath of Fire 2 - Whyyyyyyy WHY would I be Spar or Jean or actually pretty much any of the characters, when I have Ryu who deals a gazillion times more damage to enemies, Katt who can also do sorta as much damage (though she's a weakweak in every other way), Nina whose spells are helpful, and Rand who can heal and take damage and survive? Or I guess Bow could replace Rand, and Sten could replace Katt... or something - but EVERY character in that game is terribly underpowered compared to the hero. And battles are far too unforgiving - I LOVE challenges - In fact I remember being frustrated once with Platty for being waaay too powerful and for having a strategy guide - but BoF2? Like... wow. And, oooooo - I could write music that's terrible one time, and good the next. I can like some songs by a group or artist and not like others. But it is an interesting fact. .... and nah, I never got the feeling that the storyline progressed any faster than it did in DW7. Once in a while there might be an area in which something REALLY relevant to the story happens... but it wasn't too often.
  9. Hmm... I enjoyed Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter more than any other in that whole series. I couldn't stand Breath of Fire 3 for the life of me... I TRIED to play through it, but couldn't. I think I was supposed to go across the ocean or something... Anyway, it was a real chore to play. Dragon Quarter, on the other hand, made you feel like you wanted to achieve the goal - and you knew where the goal WAS, too. The music was great, the challenge was there but not overwhelming, and there was the 'time limit' and dragon factor that made it unique. It was definitely what I thought the series needed - BoF4 was alright but not great, and BoF1 and BoF2 were tedious tedious tedious messes that you REALLY had to have far too much patience to withstand. Seriously... Infinity? (I only saw my brother there... I got to Spar and then said screw it because I TRIED to make him useful... but alas I failed.) But I mean... Come on... And I must say, for not liking repetition, Atticus, I seem to recall you liking Dragon Warrior 7 a fair amount... though I could be mistaken. Anyway, that was my defence for the BoF: DQ that I love. Now on to what I am playing! Paper Mario 1 for the N64 - HAHAHA. I just got to the Crystal Palace... it's not as good as the second one, but it certainly set the stage for it (no pun intended - .... the battles take place on stage in the second one ). I'm in level 15 or so, and my favourite ally is Parakerry! Digital Devil Saga 2 for Playstation 2 - I am quite astonished at how good this game has become! I loved the first one, and this one has so many more twists, explanations, and... just wow. I'm currently going to the Airport. I love the villains! They're such villains that I would create. And much of the story is too... and the twists - one in particular (for those who know me well AND have played the game you know which one it is - it's right before the NEW party heads to the power plant )... Very impressive, and I would recommend the two games to all of you if you like a challenge and an increasing sense of "hey, I'm getting powerful! yay". ... I'm just about done Xenosaga Episode II for good (though I'll HAVE to play it again before the third one comes out... I'm going to FREAK out and love everything at the end of this month), and I'm just beating the boss of the game (the one that poses a threat) to steal the Awakening IV and sell it for big bucks to pay off the damn debt load, finish that quest, and then go and talk to the GIRL and finish her quest too. chaos just got to level 70, and knows every skill except the one I'll receive from the quest, and a big HA HA HA goes to Jr. who has yet to learn Medica 2 and is in level 63 or so. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones impressed me! It's so FUN yet frustratingly evil. I'm on chapter 14 or something and am having difficulty keeping this stupid kid alive. (If you die, they're gone for good, you know) But it's an exciting game to play! Support Fire Emblem! Brain Age! Hahaha. My Brain Age is 20, and I'm enjoying the training and the Sudoku. I have no idea how to do Head Count on Hard Mode, and I learned that my short-term memory is very odd. One day I get 45 points on Low to High... the next day I get 75! I don't know how... lucky guesses, hahaha? It's a fun game, but I can see how the novelty might wear off after a while. Aaaaand that's all for now! Nice to update again!
  10. So I beat Riviera: The Promised Land yesterday. It was good and fun! I used Ein, Fia, and Cierra for the final battle... with Lina standing by - so that's an indication of the whereabouts of Serene, anyone who's played it. (I think that's non-informative enough to be called not a spoiler) It was a good game... Cierra died during the battle, but I found it easier to manage as just Ein and Fia. Though I would've liked a Fia ending better... is it possible to get one? In other news, I'm approaching level 60 (level 67 for Gallows) in Wild ARMs 3 and am just barely into some Dreamy Castle Place that may or may not be the end of the game. But seriously, it SHOULD be the end. I mean, I'd thought Yggdrasil was the final area, and that was ages ago. There's nothing left to do in the game except get through those ridiculous Arena battles. I also got a craving to hear some FF2 music (the original... if it were FF4 I'd call it that), so I started a quest on that too. I just lost Minh (or whatever you call him - *I* call him Minh, cause it's the most familiar to me - not Minwu, Mindu, or anything - when I first played the translated version on my computer he was Minh. So ha.). I finished Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time! Yay... not as complete as the first one, and less fun overall... less creative and the programmers seemed like they got lazy halfway through it. But I mean... it was still a LOT of fun. I'd started Super Princess Peach, too. It's a very happy game, at the very least. My brother wanted me to try it, and I'll try anything once... it's a funny game, at any rate. So there - lots of updates. I'm STILL hoping to get Digital Devil Saga 2 from my friend... but you know - only time shall tell whether I get to playing it or not!
  11. I was gonna quote that all just for the sake of quoting it, but maybe I won't... it's like... there's a quote within a quote within a quote... and ANOTHER quote within a quote... ALL in ONE massive quote. Just wanted to point that out. Good work! ... As for game progress... no, Wild ARMs 3 still isn't coming to an end. It's actually reminding me sort of like the game storyline I once wrote for a game in that respect. It was one of my most proud things ever!!! But at least there was usually some end in sight... I mean, geez.
  12. I love Tia!! (And hey, go southern Ontario people - I didn't know you were from Waterloo!) So I played some more Wild ARMs 3... and beat this ridicu-boss, Kraken, after 2 hours of battling as just Gallows (the others were hopelessly dead) going "Pressure"... "Pressure"... "Curing Spell" (I renamed my spells so I don't remember most of the originals)... so since he gained around 950000 EXP (his total at level 50 had been around 550000 to that point), he's now 13 levels ahead of my other people. I was not too impressed, but hey, at least it's not Virginia that's ahead! I just got the last of the four statues too. I love figuring out things! I remembered hearing about the Item Seeker thingy... and yeah. I thought that I was clever. We'll see how the next area goes.
  13. Wow, Wild ARMs 3 is taking longer than expected! I'm VERY impressed! Although the echolocation system is STILL very annoying. "Oh! I didn't talk to this one townsperson, so I can't sense the existence of this building. But after I talk to him and he says "There's a place to the southeast of here," I can suddenly sense it! *shoots a Bazooka of Rage*
  14. I thought this 'dilemma' of mine was pretty funny... I'm currently deciding whether to go to Yggdrasil in Wild ARMs 3, or Yggdrasil in Riviera first... hehehe - more games need to branch away from Yggy, I'm thinking. I think I'll go to Wild ARMs' Yggdrasil first.
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