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  1. I haven't done much on this over the past month, been quite busy with other games. But i did find a little bit of time for it yesterday. Basically i've now defeated the boss of the Funadel manor and gotten through the tutorial on ship battles.
  2. I've now reached the second warp point of the Funadel manor. I'll look into trying to defeat the boss later today.
  3. Did a bit more this morning, now i've been exploring the Funadel manor enough to reach the first warp point. Been collecting what monsters i can along the way of course. At this point in the game i've found 3 seeds of life overall.
  4. Spent some time collecting extra logs from the Backwoods, then moved on to the Flat desert area. I spent a fair bit of time collecting items and monsters then left and saved just before the boss. Next time i play i'll see about taking on the boss and seeing where the story goes next. UPDATE Went back and defeated the Flat desert boss twice, also collected some more items and monsters.
  5. Game arrived today, i've only played up until just where you're about to go out to sea for the first time.
  6. Well according to the tracking info the game could arrive today, though i don't think it likely. However there is a good chance that it'll be delivered tomorrow which would be a full day ahead of the earliest expected delivery day(according to amazon anyway)
  7. Well after 4 long weeks(waited this long just in case they shipped standard, though i paid for expedited) the game is still not here. I got a full refund though, and have placed a new order with a different seller. The bad news is that this seller is charging even more for expedited shipping. Game is expected between the 25th and the 30th.
  8. Well it shipped earlier today though they decided not to give me a tracking number despite paying for expedited shipping.
  9. After getting a response on the discord, it seems there is a google doc that's been made that has info on the crew members, ammo, and even what you can get from each location. It doesn't contain any walkthrough related info, but its quite good on the things it does cover. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xTDzWRzm0ozt_RBZSG8m8a4F25ntN2-LMoFSky3Gp50/edit#gid=2045781474
  10. So at what point in the story specifically will i be able to start adding crew members in this game? Mostly asking cause i saw a post elsewhere from someone saying he was at like 300 hp for his ship and couldn't do so, yet he'd seen videos of people doing so at 100 hp. So wanted to try to find out exactly when this feature becomes available.
  11. I might take a look at it, provided it doesn't contain any story related spoilers for the game. I mean i know i asked about other stuff, but i'd rather find out the story on my own. Just post a link for it here whenever its ready. I will be patching the game to English when it arrives.
  12. So as people may or may not know from my posts in the other topic, i have a copy of the game on its way(arrives 24th-27th). I made this topic to have a fresh one for the game. Is there any guides/info on the game out there somewhere? I've only tried googling around a little so far. Specifically i'm looking for info on things like ammo, crew members, optional quests, and whatever else i can find for that matter.
  13. Okay got cfw setup on my 3ds now and i've placed an order for slime mori mori 3 and decided to cough up the extra for expedited shipping. Basically it'll be arriving around the 24th-27th. Then i can patch it and enjoy.(assuming customs doesn't decide to delay it)
  14. I'm not sure if i want to hack my 3ds or not though i've looked at some guides for it. Might chat with my stepbrother about it, as he understands this sorta stuff better than i do.
  15. Okay I finished the 99 field gate today. Not much to say really it wasn't too hard to get through and of course no boss at the end so i just used a warpwing to exit. I'm now done with dwm1 as i don't feel like breeding the remaining monsters i may be missing. At some point in the future i plan to try running a similar team of monsters on dwm2 and when i do i'll create a topic for that, but i haven't decided when i will actually begin doing that(may not be soon).
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