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  1. @Megalosaro - Yes, I am particularly stuck on the first item that you listed - I was afraid to try ModMii to convert my Wii to Japanese because I was concerned that it wouldn't work for a French Wii (it doesn't say anything about any region other than US as far as I could find in its documentation). @MoonRider - Thank you very much for the info - it's quite helpful! I didn't realize that the conversion to Japanese was permanent! I definitely don't want to do that to my French Wii, since I still have plenty of French games which I enjoy, so I will see if I can find a used Japanese Wii for sale somewhere. After that, I'm pretty confident that I can figure out getting on VPN. I'll be back once I've located a Japanese Wii!
  2. Bonjour everyone, Sorry for asking a total n00b question, but I am in serious need of help! I purchased a copy of DQX a couple of weeks ago while I was in Japan, as I've been a long-time fan of the series and I just couldn't pass it up! However, I live in Paris (France) and have a French Wii, so obviously it won't play Japanese games. I figured I'd softmod my Wii so it can play imports, but I'm a complete novice at all this stuff, so I am a bit stuck. Using the HackMii program, I managed to get the Homebrew channel installed, but after that I'm not sure what to do to get my Wii to load imports. I throw myself upon your mercy - any tips or advice you can provide are greatly appreciated!! Oh, and in exchange for your help, I can provide Japanese translations for your screenshots, since I'm also near fluent in Japanese (and my hubby IS Japanese, so if I get stumped I can just ask him) Thank you in advance for your help~~!
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