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  1. Could I get this for an avatar?
  2. I've already reserved a copy of StarCraft2 my advice would be try it out. It has a map editor that can make just about anything. So when you buy it it's more like buying 1000 games in one

  3. I was playing Titan Quest, but World of Warcraft sucked me back in...
  4. Is it made from the DW I Hero sprite? If not, perhaps the Prince of Cannok from DWII? Anyway, Woodus, could you resize this so i can use it as an avatar here? Thanks
  5. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Pretty fun game, i must say. Some of the shop keepers seem to have better development than some of the characters. I like the english voice acting. The voices for Norn, Delsus, and Arlin are great. Klein and Lita are annoting sometimes. The voice of lita sounds like the girl from the .hack games. The guy who does Delsus seems to be the same guy who voiced Albel in SO3 and Albedo in Xenosaga. The battles are fun, with being able to create items on the sopt if needed. The item creation in shops is nice. Whenever you create a new item there is some funny dialog between the characters as they either try it out or taste it. The dialog itself is also quite humorous. I love the crack they take against the ESRB. The graphics are great. Makes you feel like you're back in the old days of SNES RPGs. The music is also great. My favorite song so far is the music heard in Poto's Forest.
  6. Did you also notice Citan "Uzuki" and Shion "Uzuki"? Also, don't get turned off by the 2nd disc as i was...
  7. I asked because i sometimes get demo discs for being in the "Playstation Underground" and wanted to see if they were the same...
  8. How does one get these demo discs from Sony?
  9. So, would you recommend Xenosaga II? I've been thinking of getting it...
  10. The king gives you a sword if you beat him by yourself? Is this a GBC-Only thing? I don't remember this in the NES version, just the Sword of Illusion gotten in some town...
  11. Reached Disc 2 of Xenogears... wtf is up with Disc 2? I thought i was going to go to some mass driver thing but Elly just narrated the whole event in 2 minutes...
  12. I didn't know you could even save PS1 data on a PS2 memory card. Interesting. Sorry about losing all that time. I once lost 60 hours of my DWVII data due to a bad memory card. i didn't think you could either, but i just tried and it works. Unfortunatley, this is only useful for backing up PS1 saves as PS1 games will not recognize a ps2 memory card...
  13. I'm towards the end of Xenosaga (Proto Merkabah), but i'm starting to play Xenogears again...
  14. Chugging along in Xenosaga. I think i've spent at least 4 hours now just leveling up in the Cathedral Ship. My guys are around level 23. I'm going to stay here until i get everyone with a near and far tech in each Hi-slot...
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