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    Searching for a power long lost, I must protect the people I care for. But what will I do when I must chose between saving the whole world, or just those few people?
  1. Don't everyone volunteer at once.
  2. no but I can try to look them up. I havent played alot of them in a long time. Perhaps someone can help us.
  3. No problem, you'd do the same for me.
  4. Oh woodus, I sent you two emails to your gmail adress. Let me know if you get them. If you didn't then I'll just post them all here.
  5. Thanks Woodus I apreciate it.
  6. I swear I'm going to stop soon. Really, I will. Here's the one I really want now. I'm gonna keep this one,...I hope.
  7. Well, I shall now quote the hippo from Harvey Birdman. ''Hey woodus, did you get that Thing I sent ya?''
  8. Metal Gear Solid...good game. Oh yea, Woodus there are some more avatars on the bottom of the last page in case you don't see them.
  9. Hey Decoy whats that from anyway? Oh yea, check out my sexy new Signature. Does it turn you on? If it does than this applies to you: _________ Arms Length Away!!! P.S. The space is for your name.
  10. Two for one deal. Did you know there is a image limit on the posts? I do now. Also, out of all the DW monsters I have turned into Avatars that Skelleton Bird from the last post(4th one from left) has got to be the funniest.
  11. Here's the next batch. I'm gonna keep sending you 80x80 jpegs so you can edit them however you want.
  12. Well as long as you keep it under control Woodus (no full anime episodes) even someone using dail up like me would be okay with it.
  13. I have about 20 something more DW monsters that I will leak out in sets of six soon. Meanwhile I will start making more.
  14. Ok, sweet. Can I get the one by itself in post #265?
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