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  1. Oh man! How could I not see this great news! Congratulations, I'l keep an eye on this!
  2. Keep up the good work men! We're cheering up you!
  3. Hello! If i could contribute in any kind of way as a beta tester of something I'm your man! I've a hacked 3ds so it wouldn't be a problem yust sayin' Keep up the good work man, I'm waiting for this to happen!
  4. Oh my $#!&in' gosh! I have finally purchase Dragon Quest V the spanish version. For those who don't know about it, that game was actually IMPOSIBLE to find, in any way. This is unbeliebable! :o

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    2. Democrobot


      Sounds like a great find, KFS. I'm sure you will enjoy the game to no end.

    3. Solutus


      Yeah, have fun with it!

    4. KingFreakSlime


      Thanks guys, I'll do for sure >-<

  5. Just playin' Dragon Quest VI again. Even better than the last time, holy crap!

  6. Oh, well, that's so strange. Some people maybe remember that post, but it was done, I'm sure of that xD But it doesn't matter, it was only a way to introduce the topic, so don't worry about that
  7. Thanks so much! Even if you don't have it I thank you for using a little of your time to take a look for it. If you find something just tell me!
  8. Ignasia, thanks for bring a little bit of light at that situation. At least now I know (at least something) about how SE manage their franchises. I think, altough we have an opportunity, as Ignasia says, not to convince SE to bring them out, but to make other people care about the DQ situation in our countries and bring'em to the cause. As you says, we could be potential consummers, after all, and after that they could only negate the existant reality which is in front of them. I think we have to continue with this, with the expectative to join more people to that claim instead of
  9. Okay, now my question is: What whould we do when we see there are enough signatures? We'll send to SE, or NoJ? Is something previously talked about this? Anyway, petty good news, and we keep growing! Somebody knows other pages where we could share the link? Just to make sure all DQ fans could take their part
  10. Forgot to mention about ami ami: how many the shipping costs? I want to have an idea to see if it's worthed or not ><
  11. I'm with Soera this time: we have to show NoJ we are profitable countries. It's the only way. But for that we have to own a chance to prove ourselves... Is quite complicated, I think but I know if we have that chance we'll take it and make a good score. Is time to wait and pray for it.
  12. Yeah, I suposse that is being transformed in off-topic, but... My god, only 800 yen, that's...awesome, what the heck?! I envy you like hell right now...@.@ And the other prices were incredible, for sure...i supoose the average price for boxes famicom games were around 2000-3000 yen, which is good, not incredible but for some games is okay, if the boxes were complete and ind a good shape. Well, I was thinking about purchase some DQ merchan there...(the prices of figures were like you've said, at least) you think is a good move? (I ask your opinion since I see you know how to purchase in that
  13. Please guys, look at the redneckpride4ever's post in that same topic. THAT'S what we needed to support DQ new releases, I think, more than buying that port on mobile phones. I agree with mortamor this time; that tells nothing to the company for sure. I understand that you want those ports, too, becasue playing DQ portable is awesome, but that nos justify its purchase only as a claim...
  14. Oh my gosh! I've already signed that and share in FB. That's amazing!I think that's not okay, but it brings me some hope...a lot, actually! But, a question I have: If we reach the 1.55' signatures, what would happend exactly? Thanks for sharing that incredible news!
  15. Okay, I opened that topic a while ago (last summer, I think) but now isn't in the page anymore. Well, the fact is I continue being interested in purchase that kind of material I said in the tittle (any dragon quest card for the card game or battleroad cards are welcomed About the DQ cards I truly prefer booster packs or booster boxes. I know some of you might have any of those, so...if you're interested in salling those, just tell meh! Thanks for the attention, anyway! :3
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