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  1. I see Lauresia as the brave one. Sumaltria is the clown/womanizer/show off to me. And Moonburg would be reserved, but I would like to see a hint of thirst for revenge (like DQ IV's sisters'), so not so cautious (that would be Lauresia, again). But yes, I would love to see party chat in DQ II.
  2. Just when I am getting excited by the proximity of the release date, I had to read all of these name changes... It makes me fear they will add their brand of non-funny humor to all the dark aspects of the game and ruin it even more than they already have just by changing the names. :'( And with the 3DS's region lock, I cannot easily import and play the Japanese game. :'(
  3. Having an automatic orb alarm would be easy and useful, but it would get rid of the excitement of listening to the flute's echo when we discovered an orb was near.
  4. What can I say? I love DQ III, but I cannot imagine that whole appearance change when the party changes classes. It is like having The Adventure of Dai's Masopho suddenly looking like Apollo or Baron just because he started learned priest spells.
  5. I voted more for the trilogies as sets instead of separate games. I love VI, but I did not let that influence my decision. I voted for the Roto trilogy. It is more of a traditional trilogy, with a world that clearly changes over time, but still remains recognizable. The story elements are more relaed to each other, as well. I also like how III has its own dark world, with a big demon who feeds on the despair of the poor people trapped in that hell. With the things we can infer when we see that game's very specific world, its relationship with this underworld/dark world and the first
  6. I think the story would shine as it was meant to if the localization had kept the same level of humor the original had (instead of converting every line of text into a bad and forced joke). By the way, I think VIII was a step back from VII (except in graphics). Its focus was on contemplating the beautiful world (even the subtitle focuses on that), but it was simply "less" of everything else. What I dislike of this in a game like III is that the old, long moustached magician becomes the big, muscular soldier, then tall and lean sage... What name do I choose then? And they are mea
  7. Cool! That was a nice idea, and the metal arrangement fits. Overworld is so calm, I love the sound with a guitar.
  8. Guys, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant "forum" in the way the software does, as in this one is the "dragon Quest IX" forum, the other one is the "Quests" forum, and so on. Although I cannot deny I did smile when I read his post.
  9. Everyone's favorite tween has grown up (just a little), and adolescence attitude is now full on. Popolo is the "Legendary Weapons Merchant Heir".
  10. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (counting both X-Men Legends and even the second MUA, which was relatively awful). Final Fantasy. Phantasy Star. Shin Megami Tensei-related games.
  11. Technically, the Japanese version's was not called "bard". If they had been "rainbow mines" in Japanese and the original translation, they would have changed the name to something like "colorstone mines", just for change's sake. What I have been thinking everytime they get out of control with their renaming, which is always now...
  12. You know how I despise it when people use "LOL" for everything, even when they obviously did not even smile? Well, I could write "LOL" today in big, bold letters and it would be so true. I rarely laugh at YouTube videos, but this one had me laughing the whole time.
  13. A new research, thanks to a finding done in a private video, has discovered the composition and origin of Dragon Quest's slimes. O. M. G... That would be amazing! And it would go along with my absolute favorite YouTube video of all time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Wd-Q3F8KM "When I'm alone I [bEEP] myself!" Hahahahaha.
  14. Yes, all as a single entry. They don't make sense as individual ones.
  15. I finally had time to create my entry. I thought about it a few days ago, but I needed pictures to better illustrate the class's skills. I hope you like it. -------------------------------------------------- Legendary Weapons Merchant Heir. The Legendary Weapons Merchant had an uncanny ability to do business and generate profits. His only son did not. -------------------------------------------------- Advanced Class: No. -------------------------------------------------- Level 1 - Nothing learned. ------------------------------------
  16. Thanks! Following that Live Spectacle Tour account now. Just get rid of that Sora-jiro thing. I want just DQ mascots on the pics.
  17. Same here. I had to try like 30 times for that Elgios pic to come with good quality.
  18. Since it is too late to ask for this departure to be put in spoilers, I will simply talk about it. I don't like that departure. Most times, my strategy revolves around that character distracting the enemy so they can almost never touch my party. Without this character, I become vulnerable...
  19. For years, I wanted pics of Orgo's humanoid form. I got access to it some time ago, even if it was a small one (on the monsters book). I could then live without a better image because of Monster Battle Road's graphics. It is good to have his four forms in a good size now. But the one I was missing is an angel form Elgios.
  20. Just got my copy. It is full of great things, but even if I just got this Elgios guy, it would have been worthy. Under spoiler because of that character's status in the Dragon Quest IX. And then there was this monster. I thought it was a funny monster and I wonder why it was not used. How would it be called? Cock rider?
  21. The other one (which I did at the same time) is to kill them with a spell. This one is more restrictive, as you can only use the dein family of spells. Even if you have finished the requisites, you must immediately go to the quest girl, or you will risk attacking another killer machine with something else and fail. There were another similar quests, like the egg of strength one, where you could not jumo, dash or teleport once you obtained the item you needed. You would fail the quest if you did any of these things.
  22. As a keen observer might realize by looking at Iggy's post, this is not the "second" game, but the third one.
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