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  1. Yeah, let's not get angry on the web. Lotsa chances to do that outside the web. I have played Yangus, and I can say it is a cool game. I do not have time to play at home, though, and all my PS2 games are abandoned because of that. I can tell you some of the bosses could be hard if your monster companions were not good enough. Since Yangus's level always goes back to 1, a lot of the responsibility fall into the monsters. Also, storing/ buying good weapons helps when starting a difficult dungeon. Young Yangus was featured in Itadaki Street DS. He was not a very bright player, being a
  2. Sadly, it has no Pokémon or Chocobo, which means execs might think it will not sell well just because of the title.
  3. Yeah, you could say I knew that. That is what freaks me out. Those things would be horrible on an adult, and I think she would be 18 at most during the game, with Terry around 15-17 (as I imagine it). She would have been only slightly older than she was in DQM2 when that happened, which makes it the more horrible. Poor Terry could not do much to protect her. Not strong enough...
  4. Dragon Quest VI, the way Mireille (and then Terry after her) leaves her family. Kind of like with DQ V hero and Henry being slaves, but I have to freak out at the possibility of what must have happened to Mireille. DQM later shows us the kids before all of this happens, but it only makes it sadder after that... So, Terry has his excuse for being all emo.
  5. Oh, just my luck... IX is the last game I purchased, because a lack of money the last (not so) few months... I don't think I'll be able to buy VI soon (I have not even bought the Japanese version, nor Joker 2).
  6. Oh, I had not seen this contest! From a time when I had no web access... I have DQ IX (both versions), and I actually bought the USA version in August... Is there a chance to still get the award if I post the photo later?
  7. Gracias, Flute, that's okay. King Mucho is the gray one, right? If they are from Dragon Quest VII, what's the chance of getting a card of a summon? Is it worth breaking my vow not to open it just to see if I get one? Aaaaah, so hard to decide!
  8. Which card did you get? Which series are they?
  9. Icecypher here. I still have my closed envelope... Though I'd like to see the cards inside... I miss the site. The activities were really great. And I was lucky to win the Dragon Quest VIII game (now I got two, lent one to a friend) and the strategy guide. Plus all the prizes I got with the points (posters, cell phone cleaner, postcards). And above all that, everyone was cool there.
  10. If you played the game in English or French, you will remember him as the Fallen Angel "Corvus".
  11. Thanks. Interesting how he has a different name at all, LOL. I hate those name changes, but I will start including them so people can search them, too. "Corvus and Aquila", why do they feel the need to create those fake name relationships with everything? Well, I'm ranting now, heheheh. Glad you liked the pic.
  12. Picture of an angel from Dragon Quest IX, Elgios. Art thread list: Dragon Quest I Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Dragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2 Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Torneco 3 Dragon Quest - Young Yangus and the Mysterious Dungeon Slime Morimori Dragon Quest 2 Dragon Quest Heroes II Dragon Quest - The Advent
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  14. I'd like it better if she had straight hair, or even a little spiky. I don't like curly hair that much, and that's a reason I have never played DQ IV with a girl (unlike DQ III, where I have chosen a girl hero from time to time). Another reason is that I love the male hero of DQ IV.
  15. I do that as well. I choose a sage for myself. In those cases, it's a matter of who of my friends I choose to be the hero and that will decide if I use a male or female.
  16. When there is a choice and the hero's supposed to be me (like in Dragon Quest and Magical Starsign), I choose a male, even though I may not name him as myself. When the character is not supposed to be me I don't care if it's male or female, like Amara, I mean, Allison from X-Men Legends. Tina from Final Fantasy (though my fave is Gau) and Samus in Metroid. I even wanted to buy Peach's game, but the price made me decide not to.
  17. On Nintendo, cycling through Dragon Quest V, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV. On Playstation, Dissidia. I'm taking it slow, so I still have to beat the "Destiny Odissey" for Cecil and Cloud before starting the "final" stage.
  18. * here he goes again * Mexican anime industry is a part of "American" anime industry...
  19. It was officially translated and aired in Mexico. To Spanish, that is. Boy, in Mexico they sure get a lot of good anime that never makes it up north. I grew up on anime (Mazinger Z, Candy Candy, Remi, etcetera) and some USA cartoons that had continuity (Duck Tales, ThunderCats). I love having to catch the whole story, remembering details from past episodes and all that. I feel the current cartoons do not give me that sensation. I could watch just one and then wait a year before watching another one, and it would not matter. Anyway, in the eighties (and before, but I had not b
  20. Guruguru is great for DQ fans since the author also worked on the Dragon Quest 4 koma manga. Sadly, its another anime/manga that you can't get officially translated. It was officially translated and aired in Mexico. To Spanish, that is.
  21. Mahoujin Guruguru! Published by Enix's Gangan comics!
  22. Mine's still sealed. It's much more valuable to me for what it represents, and I wish that someday we can all open it up together again.
  23. Hold, goo meister! I hadn't seen this before, so for me it's new! I started looking from the bottom, not really expecting to be there, but I made 18th! W00t! I guess having a scanner really pays off, heheheheh.
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