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  1. Hello, everyone. Here is my first drawing from the Dragon Quest Heroes series. This is the protagonist of the second game: Razel. Razel. I hope you like it. Art thread list: Dragon Quest I Dragon Quest II Dragon Quest III Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest X Dragon Quest Monsters Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Dragon Quest Monsters - Caravan Heart Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2 Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Torneco 3 Dragon Quest - Yo
  2. I already commented on many of these on DA, but I'll say it again: I love them. And Flora is my favorite, too.
  3. Great pose and expression! Very natural. Keep posting many DQ X pics.
  4. Oh. Your post doesn't say PS4. Nah, I'll pass. I barely have time for English releases. Fun stuff though! It doesn't because I always go portable when the choice is available. Unless the game is too different, in which case I go home and portable. And it kind of says "PS4", but only on the video window (the still image and I guess some mention in the video itself). It is not the most noticeable thing in there.
  5. Thank you. Since I realy had no time to finish that pic (contest deadline plus simply having no free time at all) I knew I had to it quickly. This is not to say anything bad about my quickly-drawn pics, just the opposite. When I have time, I try to get lines to have as few errors as possible. As a consequence, they look artificial and forced and stiff. When I sketch, my hand moves freely and the lines are more natural and flowing, making the characters look more alive, even if the line art is, well, sketchy. I find it hard going back to "Japanese" style when I try to m
  6. Loved in in the PS, again on the 3DS. I just wanted to say that.
  7. Will Kiefer be able to use his own name when he comes to this quest? Do you know what image will be used for the badge? Will it be a character or the "VII" number?
  8. I checked. You cannot. I'm going to anyway. I do what I want. Heheheheh. Man, it's just a joke. If you ask, people can answer, and the answer can be anything. This is a "just do it" situation from the beginning.
  9. Finally bought DQ VII yesterday.

    1. ignasia


      Yay! Have fun Cesar!

  10. Yes! Finally another IS game. For the PS Vita! I always thought the Vita deserved this. And I hope it will be a full Itadaki Street experience, not a watered down one like the Nintendo/Super Mario versions (or even the Portable version). DQ and FF in Itadaki Street Special for the PS2 was an awesome game. It had two totally different game modes and a lot of playable characters, including main heroes. It's time we get something huge like that again.
  11. Two DQ VII pics, one old and one new. Grete and Alus. Alus.
  12. So happy to see people hooked on DQ at such an early age. Did you continue developing your art? It would be cool if you did, and I would like to see your more recent style.
  13. I forgot to mention, I am currently/actively playing the GBC Zelda games. Finished Link's Awakening some time ago, and now I am playing Oracle of Ages. I just do a little playing each day. Sometimes a dungeon, sometimes half. I did not want to start either Ocarina or Mask, because those would take me longer to finish and I want to be free for DQ VII. I still have not bought it (I've been postponing my visit to the mall because I fear it will not be there yet, but since my credit card was used to buy things for someone else, who has not paid me back yet, I also have not gone because I fear
  14. Hey man. I noticed you said Theatrhythm. Do you still play with any regularity? Before I bought Colors! about one month ago, I played everyday. At the very least, I played the five Today's Hits. But when I bought Colors!, that became the only thing I do... Time for reading comics and novels was cut down drastically, too. But I like what I have been creating on that app. You can check the gallery here: http://colorslive.com/author?id=241221 And make sure you visit it using the app, if you have it. I tried to have some simple but nice 3D effects on the latest
  15. There was a comment about the first battle in DQ VII coming four hours into the game. I like to talk to everyone in RPGs. I talk to them again whenever something changes in the story. Not even so did it take me 4 hours to get into the first battle. So that guy was either truly slow in discovering what had to be done or just exaggerating the time to add more fuel to the conversation. In both cases, he makes me think of someone who would not play RPGs without strictly following a walkthrough, so it would take very little time to get to the battles. All in all, people in that
  16. That's the first thing I thought after reading that sentence. He says he's always had a soft spot for DQ, but apparently he never learned what happens and what does not happen in these games.
  17. Get the Zelda golden New 3DS. I know I want it. As for the card, I have only downloaded three GBC and one NES Zelda games, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World and the Colors! application, plus around 5 tracks for Theatrhythm. It seems none of those is specially heavy, because I still have a lot of free space.
  18. If you really think they're ruining it just by providing a modern translation (and *gasp* changing the town names) then go play Dragon Warrior VII on the psx. Can't stand purists like that, they were sadly vocal enough when the 3DS remakes of Zelda made it to the 3ds. Perhaps I should continue doing that (since I do have my PSX DQs right here with me). Thanks for the suggestion. I would gladly do that to spare your whiny weak sensibilities from being hurt by my *gasp* opinion that the quality of a great game is brought too low by the insistence of a non-creator team to add their own
  19. That game does not count, since the localization teams were on trainning wheels when it comes to going overboard with stupid puns. I have few complaints for DQ VIII (unneeded name change for Gerda, naming someone "Kalderasha" only to do a "balderdasher" joke at some point), but I think they were respectful enough in that game. Perhaps Slime Morimori 2 infected them with the need to make a joke out of everything, who knows? DQ IX was pretty bad. A clear case of not respecting anything from the original and simply rebranding to fit their tastes.
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