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  1. I, too, think that the dual screen is early on and we can switch from one style to the other for the rest of the game. I think I will have to play more than once or be switching a lot. Or replay parts of the game as I go through it. I love the pixel look, but I will want references for characters that have no official art available in the Japanese books.
  2. Even at the expense of the way it is now, where we can see their original quest at its end and fill it with our own experiences with past quests we have played?
  3. I am not sure about people liking this if they like DB. I have read so many comments from people who think they are funny just saying "this is Trunks, this is Bulma". Even for characters who are actually using different "models", just because they have Trunks's hair or Bulma'a eyes (with Trunks I would say the eyes and expression are more important than his hair, even if his hair is very recognizable). And I also think some gamers (or fans of other things, too) generally want to feel they are "mature" and will do all they can to make themselves think their favorite things have nothin
  4. I think Mireille/Milly is already whole by the time we meet her again. She is a dream seer and lives with Grand Mars, so it is not weird to think all of that issue has been taken care of for her. If she does not recognize the party at first is because the dreams do not look/feel exactly as their real selves do. I think it is a cool way to show that, at the start of the game, their quest was almost over. Think about the DQ III party going to fight Baramos. They have all of those special items to open the way, which were obtained during their quest. That is all that matters here, going
  5. What's Iggy talking about now? Did I miss something? Iggy, at times past I have seen that it is usually yourself who thinks you are at fault, while no one else has any problems with you. I do like your long posts and how much insight you put into them. Get some rest if you need it, but never feel like you have to leave.
  6. I think they should wait before announcing it, so people can buy the PS4 game.
  7. I read it is a launch title for the Switch in Japan. As long as they release it here, I don't mind if they wait a little, so they only announce it after the PS version has been out for some months.
  8. I've had my copy since early October. I have played for 122 hours (let's say 112, since sometimes I play late at night and may doze off for some minutes before I realize I should stop for the day). I am level 35 and I just recently unblocked the monster park (and made a tablet to get dumbira and bolt rat hearts, plus finally managed to beat some DLC tablets). This game has a lot of gems that can only be discovered by talking to every NPC and party member all the time.
  9. I don't have the first game with me now, but I could find the hint in the second game. Those hints are the ones that appear as tutorials and can be read again when needed. I would suppose they included this action in the hints for the first game, too. I had to go out of my way to find it and re-read it, though.
  10. Not sure if you still need this, but here it goes. It has to be done in the desert. Have to either kill a mud doll using one of your monster coins, or you have to kill an enemy using a mud doll from a monster coin. I don't remember which was the case, but it is one of those two options.
  11. Pretty much any "legendary thief" or similar line in DQ is a reference to him.
  12. Ryan, huh? So this series seems more and more like Dragon Quest IV Heroes. Except for the hero (male and female) and Burai. I wish I could read Princess Lily's reaction to Sydow/Malroth being that size in the game.
  13. Pasley and hero. Salvarita. Roxanne and gang animal. Gold-plating-man. Queen Ulysis and Anon-chan.
  14. I like Pipin, too. With his DS design, not a fan of the old design, where he looked like an old veteran soldier, instead of a young recruit. And he gets good strength stats. He can be a great damage dealer.
  15. I really liked both Joker games. The first one has some really dark parts, Persona 3 level of dark. They may not be very evident because of its "cute" look and plot presentation, where it may look more generic than it is, but if you try to imagine yourself inhabiting the game's world, then you may appreciate this better. The second one reminds me a lot of Lost, the TV series. I find the characters interesting and really like the monsters and how they are used. It is more colorful than the first game, and it feels less dark, even when facing the final boss and the big bad boss. It fee
  16. "AT LEAST" one of them had to time travel. Way I see it, there are only two ways to look at this. Either we keep the disconnection and see them as fan service with no real links, or... We see that traveling among these worlds involves displacement in time, as well. Just like characters from IV, V and VI can interact in Heroes, the same applies to everyone else. So Torneco can have all of his adventures, even meet a 12 year old Yangus, then be there for VIII. And Iggy already mentioned this, when he said the "goddess" thing is just one of the many things invented for the localiza
  17. Alus, from Final Fantasy III. - Biggs, from Final Fantasy VII.
  18. Your discomfort is 0% noticed! Awesome! I think it may be related with the fact the cat looks realistic, while she was going for a more cartoonish look. Only after being comfortable with something can it be transformed to a different style. Is that it, Chameleon?
  19. Now, a few non-DQ pics: Nero, from Phantasy Star. - Alicer, from Phantasy Star. - Gau, from Final Fantasy VI. - Zidane, from Final Fantasy IX.
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