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  1. Rubiss is a Spirit. The "goddess" is just something used in the translated games. Perhaps to avoid "religious" people going against the games for portraying "God", not realizing it is a fictional God who has nothing to do with the God they say they worship (even if they do not follow His teaching of love at all and just use Him as an excuse to propagate hate). It is dangerous to follow the translations only and then assume that is how things are in Japan. Even back when the translators were more faithful to content and intent (before the merge, basically), we had thing like the afore
  2. Hajime Amamori and Yayoi Yukino, from Queen of a Thousand Years. - General Blue and Obotchaman, from Dragon Ball. - Trunks, from Dragon Ball. - Artificial Human No. 17, from Dragon Ball.
  3. Hello, everyone. After years of not trying something like this, I finally have some more free time to do it, and more confidence than before, too, so I will try myself at doing commissioned art. These are details I posted on DeviantArt, but I think they work just well here, with little or no modification. Non-adult content: 1 chara: $10 2 charas: $20 Non-nude sexual/sexy content or non-sexual nude content: 1 chara: $20 2 charas: $30 Full adult content: 1 chara: $30 2 charas: $40 Details: I reserve the right to upload the pictures here and in other si
  4. Dragon Quest Heroes. For the first game, I only could play it some week ends, because my boyfriend has the PS3 in his house. It took me 1 year and 5 months, and was done in my third playthrough. Dragon Quest Heroes II. For the second game I could play more often, since I got it for the Vita, but it took me 9 months, even so. I recommend people start getting the ultimate weapons as soon as they can, because they are random and may take a while to obtain.
  5. Pop casts mera. Pop, from The Adventure of Dai. This is from the beginning of the series, when he is still an arrogant coward.
  6. Just you, I guess. I think he would be around 18-20, and his voice sounds that age to me.
  7. We have the hero and Camus, and yet this guy is the one who thinks he is "sexy"? It must be nice to have his confidence.
  8. I arrived late, and I agree with iggy. The princess is the only girl around the hero's age with no other, more important, worries in her mind. I think it her "love" is used to indicate that the hero is indeed a very nice choice. Something that other kids from his kingdom may have mocked when he was smaller, but that the older people always knew. And something Maribel has known for a long time but would not dare admit. Having the princess be so forward with her interest forces Maribel to use a different approach (since her "you are so dumb and should be grateful I let you be close to me" a
  9. I always thought there were two options for this in the old days. One is that they had planned for the lizard to be a pet and go along in the trip (even if it did not do much) but they found out there was no more time and space to include it, or perhaps it was just a cute part of the illustrations that was never intended to be part of the game (like Amano drawing a lot of non-existent creatures around his heroes in FF pics). Or perhaps it just illustrates how the hero is a very nice person, and animals are not afraid to get close to him (just like Disney princesses have birds and squirrel
  10. Hey, it seems they tried to keep something of their Japanese names this time. Not completely the same, but not completely changed to something else. It may be a good step. And be ready to listen to the hero's excited shouts all the time. He's totally like a Shônen manga protagonist. (Gotta love him.)
  11. The ones in the cover and manual? Or the ones that do noy look like everyone else in town? Although there are NPCs with unique designs, in which case, we can still know who makes the cut because of the manual and/or all the ads available before we get the game.
  12. Bray, DQIV. Or a DQIII sage. Great choice! My favorite class and look from DQ III.
  13. I'm too late now to reply to those questions about looks versus profile pictures, since others did it already. But I can do the opposite question. Instead of a photograph of me, what profile picture do you see me using?
  14. I'd still like to read your reasoning for thinking Melvin seems like he belongs in a Final Fantasy game, though.
  15. Sharing the opinion of these other commenters here, now I would like to know why Melvin "feels" like he was taken from a Final Fantasy game to such a degree to not even need further explanation in your original post.
  16. It would be interesting if Kandata/Kandar switches from being only a bonus boss to being a playable character. They already have the model for him, so it would not require much effort. Wouldn't it be funny if (seeing how they are using everyone from IV) they put Hoffman before Burai/Brey? Of course, Hoffman is my favorite temporary party member, so I would really like having him in the game. I wish they had left madante for Barbara. For me, it did not feel right that Jessica had that skill instead. -- As for DQH III, after seeing how well they managed the story, the charact
  17. Only missing one rare weapon on DQH II. It is taking forever...

    1. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      King's rod: 真・ãŠã†ã•ã¾ã®ã“ã‚“

      I think it is called knockout rod in English.

    2. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      There is one phantom version, which is used by Dirk/Doric, and a true version, which is used by the protagonists. The true one is the one I need.

    3. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Some Rika/Erinn battles drop these rare weapons, but there are like 26 of them, so it is increasingly harder to get a new one once you get all the rest.

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  18. I wonder if this is why we are not getting the Vita version. PlayStation wanting people to have no option but to pay if they to use multiplayer.
  19. They already have a few "canon" names. In IX and in Itadaki Street they chose "Cookie" and "Pudding", but they could use any of them, I suppose. They may stay away from using any of the characters that do not have a single, official name in their own games, like any of the heroes, or even the kids from V, and they were given names in the remakes (Rex and Tabitha). I don't think the name thing is realy a problem... Not for us, maybe. But if the people deciding who is in the games want to stay clear from these "unnamed" characters, then they define what is a problem and what isn
  20. Not necessarily. They are brought from different places and times, so, if they wanted, they could mix people from different points in time without problem (like they already do if we count the people from IV, V and VI). They already have a few "canon" names. In IX and in Itadaki Street they chose "Cookie" and "Pudding", but they could use any of them, I suppose. They may stay away from using any of the characters that do not have a single, official name in their own games, like any of the heroes, or even the kids from V, and they were given names in the remakes (Rex and Tabitha).
  21. Does it have nice art? The Japanese guide does not contain a lot of it (and art is what I enjoy the most about their guides, followed by data lists).
  22. I play on the Vita. I have the Japanese version, but I am waiting until I have enough money to buy the Asian (English) version, so I can have a retail Vita English version.
  23. As I usually imagine people looking as their profile pictures (within reason, I won't imagine someone looking like a Pokémon), I will have to remind myself that is not the case here. Same thing with males using pics of women or women using the pics of men. It always takes extra processing to remember they don't look like that. Whenever you have the chance (and additionally to the emails) visit people in person. You could make a good impression like that if they see you really want to work.
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