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  1. I was surprised that anyone would think that Mireille/Milayou would not be a welcome addition. I love Terry best, but I think that she has a lot to add to this type of game (or any game).
  2. Ditto again. And I have read people say that VII has the worst character because they do not have any development. Likely people who hated Maribel for 5 the minutes they played and never even realized how to use the party chat (or are the type of people who do not even talk to NPCs, much less to party members every 5 seconds, as we all should). If you go for all the monsters for the park, make sure you get the special download monsters first. I heard that once you get all the regular monsters, the park owner no longer checks. That's where I am stuck now. I am missing the metal
  3. Cannot wait until I read the whole thread before I reply to this. This is exactly the same for me. I love VI, but VII came and stole that spot. Let's see what XI does to my list.
  4. I would prefer no characters from anywhere outside of DQ, but then again, my wish for DQH III is simply this: The Adventure of Dai adapted in its entirety into a Heroes game. DQH II already showed how perfectly it would fit.
  5. The art forum is not the one most visited here, but every now and then someone will come and then they'll see your pics and like them.
  6. So you became a fan from two fronts without realizing it from the book's cover.
  7. I've been busy with work. changed projects and then even changed jobs less than three months ago. I also try to avoid spoilers as XI is one DQ I did not buy right after Japanese release, so I am very much ignorant of the story and would prefer it to stay that way until I slowly discover it by myself when playing it
  8. They've had quite a few DQ iterations of the game. Fun Monopoly-style board game. There was one that came out for Wii in the US called Fortune Street. And hi by the way. I don't think I've seen you post in a while. Just like Matt said. This is Monopoly with more things to do, like buy shares from different areas and then invest on the shops, which brings the shares' values up. Or down, if the shop values decrease. The first ones had their own characters created for them, with perhaps a Dragon Quest based board, but nothing more. When
  9. Let's just ask permission from the wife and the boyfriend and you can have it anytime. Assuming they give their permission, of course.
  10. Salut! I thought you'd have started with Fly (books or cartoon). So you read that after the games?
  11. Anyone got this? I just got it last week and I'm loving it so far. Will need help if I ever want to win the online trophies, though...
  12. Well, he effs his sister and he's a jealous kid, so yeah.
  13. Welcome! It's great that you'll be sharing your pics here. They are all awesome!
  14. Woodus, I drew this thinking of you. I hope you like it. Captain N.
  15. Sorry I am late, too. Feliz cumpleaños. Get better and live many happy moments.
  16. YES! And I would really want the Jump collab to be brought along. That is the Dai no Daibôken collab, by the way. Not having them would be so sad.
  17. If you are thinking about getting the PS2 Itadaki Street Special, do it! For me, it is the best of these DQ related Itadaki Street games. Not only does it have a lot of characters and boards (Portable was way smaller, and DS and Wii were a joke), it also includes the sphere mode, which practically counts as another game. I am waiting for the 30th Anniversary game. I hope it goes back to thi game's greatness (if you have only played the Nintendo ones, you will be surprised how much better the PlayStation ones are).
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