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  1. Nice coloring. Besides the DQ III manual, she also reminds me a lot of the Caravan Heart style. Of course, with a bunny, not a cat.
  2. Those three witches and Moana! I know someone who would love them.
  3. Hello, everyone! I just created a second YouTube channel this past weekend. I wanted to upload content separate from my regular speedpaint videos and vlogs, so this new channel will only have animated material. Nothing Dragon Quest related. YET. I foresee DQ content as the months pass by, so stay tuned. For now, if you are interested, please go check the current videos. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Does the last one of the original post have multiple (snake) arms or is it an independent snake?
  5. All of the things on that first pic come from possible meanings of Shin'i. https://jisho.org/search/しんい What's the official one now? The Almighty? Yup. At least that one makes sense and fits.
  6. Not called God anymore, remember? Now they gotta change even the most straightforward translations. And thanks for liking it.
  7. Platty, I started a new Dragon Quest X thread for fan art, but here's your pic (which you already saw) from the voting.
  8. Fan art from Dragon Quest X. I hope you all like it.
  9. Winner announcement! Thanks for voting, Platty.
  10. I just opened up the voting so people can decide one character they want fan art of. You can vote if you want, too. The more votes, the more interesting things will get.
  11. I don't have it. It was in the forum games section, I think. But it got lost years ago, and I think you were aware about it back then.
  12. Yeah, we lost the collective story thread long ago. Sad. At least we have the read-only versions in this case. Thanks for the answer, you two,
  13. Bleh... All that I had typed was lost... Short version: I hope you like it.
  14. Last post was from 2012 or 2013, so it was a really long time. I had gotten used to threads staying alive as long as server moves allowed, so it surprised me. (I am 100% in favor of thread necromancing when there is still something to commented, as I prefer that to multiple new threads all asking the same thing over and over, but I know server limitations make it hard to keep all threads indefinitely alive.
  15. My old DQM thread got archived... So here's a new one. Before anything else, were the old threads archived because of the move or is there now an expiration date for all threads? Okay, this is an art thread, so here come the drawings. The videos show the pics being drawn, step-by-step. I hope you will enjoy them.
  16. Check out the step-by-step drawing process!
  17. Time-lapse video of a DQIV hero drawing. I hope you like it.
  18. Thank you. I had to think twice about whom you meant, heheh.
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