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  1. I never liked the humor of Shrek, and I never was interested in the Panda movies, but I loved How to Train your Dragon (and the TV shows I have watched; I'm still missing like two seasons). Latest movie I watched (twice and counting) was Captain Marvel. I really worried that they would make it nothing but politics, but that was not the case, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I really like the Kree, and I loved how they were portrayed in the movie. Even if they did not have a lot of screen time and had some changes from the comics version, like Minn-Erva, the Supreme Intelligence and Rona
  2. You can see all of my neck and shoulders. It takes a lot to really offend people in the Den. We're stronger than that.
  3. I posted my latest comments from my phone, so the Instagram interface did not get posted correctly... Sorry for the additional click you need to see those pics. Here are some other pics taken this weekend. I hope you like them.
  4. Er, never been to a beach. I guess I did not get the reference...
  5. Right now, I look like this: https://www.instagram.com/icecypher/p/Bp-sFFZAv8A/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1siitbh511sw9 Me on Instagram. 38. Mexican.
  6. So, in development now but it would come out until 2020? Those Itadaki Street games must be very time consuming to develop.
  7. There is no Monsters 3. It's just 1 and 2, then Caravan Heart is its own thing, then the Joker series. That said, I voted "Monsters 4". I would also enjoy Heroes 3 a lot, but I am just now playing the first one in English, which means I have this and II to enjoy again, and I could wait a bit more for a third game. Also, I know you are using the English names, but having 3 Slime Morimori games already can make the "Rocket Slime 2" thing look confusing.
  8. Wow! That's great to know. I am not familiar at all with novels, I'm sad to say.
  9. Some people care about "reviving old posts". I don't. I think that, if the topic can continue, it is better than creating a new thread for the same thing. By the way, when adding specific years, doesn't this stop being a theory and become fan fiction? I say because you may rather like the Literature forums here.
  10. I think "Wars", for me. Not a bad one, just not for me. The one that can keep my interest the least.
  11. Did that Ortega look like the one on our versions? Or did he look like Kandata/Kandar? Because there's a chance in Japan they still see Ortega as a Kandata colorswap.
  12. Were the mods only for the music? C'mon, guys. Doesn't the story deserve closure, even with MIDI?
  13. Checking my file, I see Belial does. I don't remember where you can battle them. Belial is the bright yellow Archdemon, boss on DQ II. Not sure how they are called in the translations, in case the name was changed.
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