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  1. Just like Trump and his supporters, some people will not concede to statistical information. :\

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    2. MoonRider


      Although stats be damned can be true in some cases; in a economic and social sense this is definitely not true. But in politics, in these situations, I'm with you on falsified information being dominant.

    3. MoonRider


      Also, I still gotta vote for Hilary

    4. ignasia


      I can agree with that sentiment. It's also difficult to gauge, as sometimes enthusiasm does not always trend to actual votes if that enthusiasm isn't spread beyond the scope of the general crowds, but my feeling is the underlying vote for Trump is higher than expected.


      Afterall, generally between 60 and 80million Americans ever vote at all, despite over 180~200 million actual registered, and likely 190 million by this election (discounting potential fraudulent registration...

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