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  1. Just like Trump and his supporters, some people will not concede to statistical information. :\

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    2. ignasia


      ...it might be higher).


      Generally only 60% of registered whites vote, 8~10% of blacks, 30% of hispanics, and I think 40% of asians, but I'm not sure on asian americans, vote, who are registered.


      So it's hard to say really what the underlying vote is.

    3. ignasia


      Sometimes you have huge swaths of +10~20 of the registered populace coming out to vote that normally don't. I don't have any stats on that, so I can't say for sure which presidents. I know Blacks came out overwhelmingly for Bill Clinton, highest % of registered, until Obama.

    4. ignasia


      At least in modern times. Blacks were more active in the 30's to the 60's, then participation dies in the 70's until Clinton.

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