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  1. Planning on getting this for switch but I have a bunch of questions; I would need to restart and I want to know a head of time what I’m getting back in to. 1. I read that if have 5.0 I can skip the 1-4.0 story at character creation, is that true? That still means you start at level 1 and need to get up to 110 still though, right? 2. What’s the meta for jobs right now? The first class I focus on I really want to get the most use of my time, so is there any job that is good at the most events? 3. I see on YouTube people fighting this giant gold octopus, and a bla
  2. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/charamoveguide#flow Had some free time and I was looking to come back to the game; have an account issue and need to transfer before I get serious. From what I can tell I need to.. 1. Have all the same content registered on both accounts In this case I have the Wii (v1) and PC (v1 + v2), so I will have to re-buy both for the new account. However I also have the 3DS version so Im not sure what Im supposed to do about that? Not sure If I have to rebuy (unless I want to play that again that is) 2. Have a spare character on each account 3. Have a s
  3. I just came in here again because I saw ny name pop up; he's right I really don't care. It's not exactly "clutter", there's long-winded points on both sides but we were debateing SEs MMO's in a time where solid information is lacking in both. And even if I disagree with Alex's methods occasionally, he is pushing for DQX localization pretty hard, he's entitled to his own opinions and I don't think it hurt anything having all that core information out there. Plus it was really high tension before fanfest, so there was that >.>
  4. I didn't say that though, "They are taking money from DQX to put into FFXIV"; in fact I actually agree with you - they take profits from FFXIV and DQX to fund their other games, it's been company policy since FFXI lol. Not to say I think that is smart, but, it creates a large buffer for development costs and as you said yourself, look at all the games we have right now because of it. There's no point even arguing, we all love DQX, and some of us love/like/tolerate FFXIV, but we all love SE's concepts; at the end of the day we all hope they both get the treatment they deserve because lets
  5. @Alexander making a long winded, conjecture filled post doesn't make it true. It makes you a liar. You went from saying you've used RebornBuddy to saying you've never used THAT program; but ones you programmed yourself ( o really ? ?); because you couldn't purchase a key to verify. More than that your argument is others don't know how to use a limited porgram properly? When no one else can back up the claims (or has even tried to) that you just made about bots? YOU SOURCE AND RESOURCE ALL THE MATIERIAL YOURSELF? That statement is the biggest lie in the entire post - you flat out deny
  6. Thank you Tangerine; Alex, unless you have proof it's not true. You've already said you aren't current in FFXIV so you're not testing anything relevant bots or otherwise. And RebornBuddy is trash; can't do anything complex or relevant besides gathering and faceroll lowbie content -probably utilized in account resale to train up story completed level 50 base package accounts. Nobody is botting anything to max level via fates in our actual playerbase, again a lot of what you're saying is conjecture meant to be defer the conversation from any real definitive information about the game.
  7. it's worth mentioning there are only two reasons why DQX had AI, 1. JP only population = smaller size, 2. They wanted it to feel like a tradition DQ game with the ability to play solo. With more than 2.5x the population and differently formatted content, it's more efficient to play with others in FFXIV And again, the bots you're mentioning don't do relevant content/ or even nearly current - And they do not perform full Heavensward rotations during ANY dungeons lol, especially not for dragoon. Level 50 rotations for those classes in low mechanic dungeons, maybe. Most of what you're sayi
  8. I'm also dropping whatever I'm doing if DQX gets localized; including FFXIV for at least like 2 patches. The story alone is JRPG nirvana lol. I can't wait to be able to read all the pyramid text too, it's in my top 5 for endgame events. EDIT: No dude I mean it's genuinely hard, like think about any of the 50+ HM' dungeons sync'd or 50-60 dungeons with AI's - making them smart enough to not die, with little support, but slow enough so that you cannot out farm a party in efficiency. Plus the way they coded pets is different than companions; they cannot code squadrons like pets, and to
  9. Well actually, it is incredible hard to program AI, especially to be more effiecent then the current gen of bots. They should know, DQX has the best party AI in the business. That said, no Squadron members will not be able to be used in party until next year. FFXIV 4.0 trailer and content reveal at fanfest was MASSIVE to say the least, and it's just the outline; there are two more Fan Fests before the expansion release, where even more details will be given of DIFFERENT and NEW content on top of what we just had announced. Thank you Harftfield and MKVarana, sincerely, for the only r
  10. You could mention how it's mainly a horizontal progression game, and that every class has tons and tons of min-maxing (+/-) for any fight, event, and situation you can think of. Not to mention an unlimited combination of overarching skill builds (until you max every class that is), plus the fact that they WANT you to max and play every class. But most of all, I guess that you can do all of that in a timely fashion without spending 12 hours a day.
  11. Just like Trump and his supporters, some people will not concede to statistical information. :\

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    2. ignasia


      ...it might be higher).


      Generally only 60% of registered whites vote, 8~10% of blacks, 30% of hispanics, and I think 40% of asians, but I'm not sure on asian americans, vote, who are registered.


      So it's hard to say really what the underlying vote is.

    3. ignasia


      Sometimes you have huge swaths of +10~20 of the registered populace coming out to vote that normally don't. I don't have any stats on that, so I can't say for sure which presidents. I know Blacks came out overwhelmingly for Bill Clinton, highest % of registered, until Obama.

    4. ignasia


      At least in modern times. Blacks were more active in the 30's to the 60's, then participation dies in the 70's until Clinton.

  12. Judging by the reactions to each of our posts I'd say it's plain and simple who provided clear, and structured evidence for their argument. A list of games you might have installed isn't proof, it isn't descriptive experience. I'll give you the F2P titles, but you've already said on the record your level of experience with FFXI as being minimal to none, and proved how much you ACTUALLY know about FFXIV based on conversational quotes alone; I'm still calling BS on guild claims, world firsts, and every other accolade you just listed. You've been saying for years that you played FFXIV and any
  13. edit: pm sent to people involved for some sort of resolution
  14. edit: I hope launch starts at 60-65 level cap at least, and even though it's impossible - with the QoL from 3.0-
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