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  1. MUSIC!!! Overworld Theme Battle Theme Victory Theme Dungeon Theme
  2. DESCENDANT OF ERDRICK An RPG Maker MZ project Dragon Quest / Dragon Warrior has been a game that I've long desired to recreate in RPG Maker, but often have lost the drive to do so. With RPG Maker MZ's release and features, alongside the amazing work done by the VisuStella team with their (mostly) free plugins, I'm proud to present my own personal retelling of Dragon Quest 1: "Descendant of Erdrick." Using a combination of assets from Nostalgia by Ocean's Dream, Tyler Warren's 16 bit backgrounds, as well as several assets I made on my own (monster sprites and hero battlers), I aim to create a unique Dragon Quest experience that allows players to experience it with a different sort of nostalgia: In the style of Final Fantasy! The battle system uses RPG Maker MZ's default turn-based battle system with a few visual tweaks (compliments of VisuStella's amazing coding work). Thanks to their plugins allowing users to use "damage styles," I was able to create a stat system that kept damage values low and in a way that creates a familiar difficulty discovered in Dragon Quest 1. Here's some of the enemies I've redrawn! In the event of death, you encounter this screen and are sent back to King Lorik with half your gold, as experienced in the original game. Here are some animations for spell casting, Heal, and Sizz. I really hope to finish this project, and I aim to have a demo I'm comfortable letting people play soon. As a nice teaser, here is a brief battle between the hero and the Dragonlord, featuring a hidden spell... Kazap! ------------------------ I'll be posting here with updates on new sprites, other areas and features that get completed, as well as downloadable demos for everyone to try out. Stay tuned! :3
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