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  1. Hello. that's a bit late but i will still respond. I am actually playing on DQMJ3 Pro and i can say that there is a difference between the Pro version and the Non-pro. On Non-Pro i got a lot of SS (S and A too) tier with the Code#3 Disc named "Sparkling" and "Goergeous" (they are on the top of the list). But on pro im only getting basics A tier, that are pretty useless. I get the SS tier (Zoma, Corvus, etc...) only with a "better quality" Code that is named "Support" (my game is in french on pro but i think that's the same name in english, or "backing" maybe). This code is at the bottom of the list (for me, after the Mirror Code for Experience). I don't know from what success we get this code but i hope it helped, for those who are still playing to the game.
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