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  1. Considering what vocation and build I want to play as (through the main storyline, at least), could use advice. Looking to play something that uses a shield, so: Warrior, Paladin, Armamentalist? Can the Paladin use 1H swords? Is a Sword and Shield Armamentalist viable for solo play... or at all? Should I just keep chugging away with the Warrior? Sword'n'board Armamentalist interests me the most. If it isn't particularly bad, I'll likely choose it. But if it is particularly bad... Well, that's why I'm asking these questions.
  2. Hey Dragon's Den users (Dragonistas? Denizens? Yeah, Denizens.), newbie here. I'll be poking around the Dragon Quest X threads from time to time, hunting down answers to the plethora of questions that language barriers tend to pose. Might even post a comment or two. I play a lot of Dragon Quest (Sometimes I even beat them! ... maybe just the first one...), fail to speak Japanese (not sure which is worse; My literacy, or my speech), and cook a decent meal. I watch anime as a hobby, collect video games as an obsession, listen to music, read the occasional book, and avoid going outside. Classic shut-in. I'll be going into DQX playing as either しずけさ or ぎもんふ, probably playing a sword'n'board tank (my go-to for most RPG's), or a support class of some sort. Nice to meet you all, Kaoskitteh
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