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  1. While this post is now quite old... and with the presentation we got end of May seemed to reveal there are still no plans for localization... I just wanted to chime in with the tiniest bit of encouragement. I saw Ryan's (from the Battle Geek Plus channel) post about this thread and thought I'd take a look. I decided to submit a ticket asking about the IP restriction being lifted in the US and asking if something similar may happen in Canada. At the very least if they could forward along my question to the appropriate department. It's not much, but I guess this whole deal is definitely a question of attrition. We may yet see more and more tiny little bits of accessible granted not only to native english speakers but other languages and areas as well. In the mean time, I'll keep using the community's tools to play! V1 is great so far, looking forward to seeing more and will definitely be paying for a membership despite the language barrier. Cheers - Mike
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