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  1. It's an activation code to get the digitally. You will need to put the code into the 3ds's eshop and that's it. I would just get it directly on the eshop tbh, it'll be a faster process. I think getting it digitally / this way is a good alternative to a physical cart if you don't mind not having it physically for collection purposes. It will probably be cheaper than a physical copy nowadays.
  2. Favorite DQ game: i assume this is for mainline? VII in that case. I also really love II, VI and XI (S). Least favorite DQ game: Its gotta be either VIII or IX. Nothing against them, i just like the rest way more. Favorite DQ spin-off game: Builders 2. Least favorite DQ spin-off game: DQM Joker 1, closely followed by Wars. Favorite 1-off RPG: Radiant Historia, Eternal Sonata. Favorite other RPG series: Pokémon. Least favorite 1-off RPG: Can't think of any atm. Least favorite RPG series: Persona. (The PSP port of 1 has some banger songs tho!) Favorite DQ character(s): Mysterious Ashlynn? Sweet Serena? My man Carver? Any of these three, i think. Least favorite DQ character(s): Terry. His kid self is ok tho. Favorite DQ monster(s): Heh. Least favorite DQ monster(s): the Drohl family. Why are they so ugly? Favorite other RPG character(s): N (Pokémon), Yuri (Tales of Vesperia, he's kind of an ass but he's fun as a main protagonist), Isabeau (Shin Megami Tensei IV). Couldn't think of anything else. Favorite other RPG monsters(s): Volcarona (Pokémon) -- Favorite color: Blue Favorite pet(s): Cats! Gotta love my kids: Kyo (RIP dear friend ), Mel and Kida. Favorite musical genre/artist(s): Im gonna say City Pop. Favorite song(s): Lately it's Turn it into love, by Wink. It's the japanese cover of a Kylie Minogue song by the same title. Favorite food(s): A specific kind of soup my grandma used to make xD Favorite TV show(s): Dark. Favorite movie(s): the LOTR trilogy. Favorite sports team(s): hah, none. i don't like sports, nor esports. Pet peeve(s): wearing the mask incorrectly (like ok plague rat, wear it under your nose!)), clout chasing, chewing very loudly, slow walkers (specially when its hot outside)... i could be complaining all day long hahaha
  3. Best one is Builders 2 and i won't accept otherwise. It has Boy Malroth, what else do you need? I agree with Xiggy on DQ7 being the best mainline game, it's such a great game! I loved every second with it.
  4. Our next builder doesn't make super beautiful things but his creations are mindblowing regardless! Today i wanna talk about Holgrin. I recently came across a reddit post by him showing a sneak peak to his next creation, and then i remembered his previous builds and thought i should share them here. This man experiments with the water, buttons and lights to make things like this binary counter: He also made a video explaining digital logic within the game: Fascinating stuff.
  5. I considered posting this in the Build-sharing topic because it looks very neat, but in the end it's a tutorial so it goes here, haha. Takechiyo, the Japanese youtuber I talked about just above released another tutorial video showcasing various ways of building bridges. There are many more ways of building bridges, these are just some ideas! Much like in the previous video I linked to in the previous post, it's easy to follow even if you don't know Japanese (I don't!) because Takechiyo shows how to build each of these step by step. She even shows how some hidden (or not properly explained by the game) mechanics work.
  6. Glad you like them, Platty! --- Next one is kami-kun24. This man is a legend, as his amazing builds got into the Builder's Best and even into the cover of official Square Enix DQB2 books! (Context: The Builder's Best was a Japan-only contest of DQB1 builds in which the devs selected 100 impressive builds and added them into DQB2. One appears randomly when you go to Explorer's Shores) The video i wanted to showcase is this one in which he uses both magneblock camouflaging and water manipulation to make his character walk on water lillies! Both of these techniques are advanced, and honestly a bit confusing, but its very fun to watch imo. I copied this for a small area in my one Isle of Awakening. He also did other really incredible builds, but i'll post those another day. If you want to see more of his builds, check out his Twitter or his youtube channel.
  7. Builder Mugi made a small 20x20x20 recreation of the kingdom of Corona from Disney's Tangled. Here's their tweet, in case you want to give them a like and/or share their gorgeous build! (I know, i know, the kingdom's name hasn't aged well... but we need to point out that it's named after the word "crown", and not after the virus.) --- Since this is the second post mentioning creations within a space limit, i wanted to say that after doing a few builds with limitations like this, i felt like my building techniques and ideas improved a lot. Give it a try if you can, it's very stimulating!
  8. I don't think the DQM+ manga fits in any chronology because Clio meets the DQ2 trio not too long after meeting the DQ1 hero,and those three are descendants of the DQ1 hero... and as you pointed out, the DQ1 hero is still fighting the Dragonlord when he says goodbye to Clio.
  9. That looks amazing, Glaceon! That reminds me, a couple of months before the western release of the game, i made a miniature version of DQ6's Amor in the Japanese version of the game. It was like 10x10x10.
  10. Today's builds come from @Glaceon Mage! (This post's soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojEyUU2M6z4) Glaceon here recreated part of the Unova region from Pokémon Black and White, and their sequels Black 2 and White 2. These games are my favorite Pokémon games by far, so i was waiting for the moment Glaceon uploaded the island to the noticeboard, seeing their updates through Discord was very cool! Great job, Glaceon! This place is amazing and i loved visiting it! My feedback would be this: add static npcs here and there, if possible! Other than that, really good island to explore The island is still WIP, but visit their island with this id: 2AQFGJ7eU8P. I'll put some images from the original Pokémon games in a spoiler so you can see the effort Glaceon made!
  11. DQ7 is up there in my top 2 favorite soundtracks in the series! It's SO good! Like the rest of the game tbh. I can't pick just one favorite so I'm gonna mention 4: Fighting Spirit (the regular battle theme), and the three sad songs: To my loved ones, With sadness in heart, and Days of sadness. The sad songs were also my highlights in II (my top 1 DQ soundtrack), III and V. I also loved the mysterious sanctuary's theme, Place of stopped time. I didn't play the PS1 version, so I only know it's sped-up 3ds version. As for least favorite, nothing particular comes to mind so I think I'll go with the casino song. I just don't like casino songs despite loving some of the casino minigames, so yeah im picking that.
  12. A friend and i have been working on my Isle of Awakening recently. Long story short, months years ago i terraformed my Scarlet Sands into a witchgrass + poison swamp area, and made it some blocks higher than it was originally (that part was hellish). A while ago, i started working on this place again, and in the last few days a friend from Discord helped me add life and texture to this little town. These two screenshots are more or less around where the north-west corner of the pyramid would be, just some blocks higher. At first i only wanted to use dead trees, but the decaying yellow trees look great too, and add some color on top of the purple-ish and black-ish tones i had before. And so do the pumpkins! And the next two are in a cave connecting Scarlet Sands and Green Gardens, a bit south of where the river ends and west of the abandoned house. This town is super chaotic right now, but it's very nice to be in! I plan on uploading this island to the noticeboard in a month or so, maybe? For now, one of my Buildertopias is there, so feel free to visit it! ID: p6eipQsFao. I'll put some screenshots of my uploaded Buildertopia in a spoiler tag. If you come visit, please take screenshots and show me!
  13. We do have every Global-exclusive piece of equipment and weapon, so getting the number would be the only issue since we can get stats and the 3d model view from the Japanese version and Japanese wikis like game8. If we get the items we did not get in GL, we might be able to guess their GL compendium number by contrasting their position in the JP compendoum relative to gear we did get in GL. For example, i'm guessing the Empyreal Serpent Staff would be number #189 in GL because of its position relative to Gotha Staff in JP.
  14. I didn't see any not dead topic like this, so i figured I'd make a new one! The idea is to share screenshots and videos from both games! (For building tips and tricks go here) Feel free to post screenshots and videos showcasing interesting builds. Share sources if it's not your own buildings! If you share Terra Incognita builds, feel free to share your ID, and from which platform you play since DQB1 didn't have cross-play of any kind. Feel free to post screenshots and videos showcasing interesting builds. Share sources if it's not your own buildings! Share your Builder ID if you have uploaded your Isle of Awakening or one of your Builderopias to the Noticeboard, or even if you have just only uploaded some screenshots to it. Worth noting that you can visit and upload islands via Noticeboard without a Nintendo Switch Online / Playstation Plus / Xbox Live Gold subscription AND even from the game's demo. Just get to the noticeboard, search by id (or by popular tags/islands) and press the right joystick! And one last important detail: it doesn't matter which platform you play on, you can visit any island that is uploaded to the noticeboard. --- I'll start with a couple videos by Japanese builder Oyu. This player made some insane versions of Furrowfields and Khrumbul-dun. Very pretty, with some amazing building techniques on display and overall amazing cohesive building style on both towns.
  15. No worries, it was all rare, very new gear. I should have screenshots from the banners they were from, somewhere in Bluestar's Drive folder. Won't have their numbers, but the models and details should be there. They always make this guy very strong, good luck! Apparently its DQotS name is a reference to a Chinese legend: Fuzanglong or Fu-ts'ang-Lung, the dragon of hidden treasures.
  16. Cool! I just updated the list Btw @Woodus I think have 3 bosses that you might be missing in the monster list, they appeared in the later half of the Divine Challenge. These 3: (two were/are available as key bosses)
  17. Thanks to the folk at the Discord server, we are now only missing some weapons (most are very new), 1 gacha bottoms, 2 full Revelation key sets of gear, and 1 archfiend first clear reward! Here's the updated list of missing stuff:
  18. Sorry for the double post, but i wanted to announce i finished uploading the main story videos over the weekend, and i'm currently uploading the sidequest stories, which i decided to do after @Pendymentioned he liked Cuthbert's sidequests in the latest Slime Time For the sidequests, i intend to do each continent in one or two videos; i will probably finish uploading them in the next couple hours. Once again, thanks to @Woodus for the datamined artwork! Here's the main story: And the sidequests will be here: Funny story time: I wanted to to rename my characters Player, Sister and Brother for these videos (I could have gone with Harte, Sand and Aqua, aka their default names too but i didn't). However I kept renaming them to their regular names when we did multiplayer in the server... and then forgetting to get their video name back before recording more. You can actually see my 3rd character's name in the last three story videos
  19. You actually can, but it's tedious. First when you get to the other player's island, you get there with nothing on you. The host has to provide food, armor, hammers/weapons... and blocks/items. The actual worse part is getting a connection error, you're almost always loosing progress. The only way to save during MP is sailing to a buildertopia or explorer's shore, afaik. (btw the blueprints cap is 4... with 1 special blueprint for multiplayer) A friend and i did these in multiplayer (the former two in her file, the later on mine), I put them in a spoiler because they are big pictures
  20. Wow this is amazing!Thank you for your hard work on both the English and Spanish versions, can't wait to play the later version myself the next time i replay DQ2!
  21. The other day, after a brief conversation with @Xiggy i made a quick twitter thread on how to upgrade basic square houses into more beautiful building. To go from this: to this: --- On another note, Ben XC posted a 35 tips video recently. I personally do not recommend the block removal one, but otherwise very solid tricks and tips. This one is in Japanese, but you might learn some advanced plant-based building techniques with this video. This person shows very clearly how they do everything in the video, it's amazing.
  22. Doric x DQB2 heroine hmm.... The age gap worries me a bit, but i can picture him laughing all the time whenever she builds royal or old-guy stuff. Like she gifts him one of those fancy clocks, and he bursts into laughing.
  23. Some days ago i commissioned her to draw my DQotS character! I love this drawing so much And here's her ingame look!
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