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  1. Oh, my god! Lol Thank you. By the way. Notice a new update of this pach has been released, in the aforementioned web and also in romhacking.net community, that adds some new features that might be of interest. v.1.03c - Item name "Statue of Evil" in inventory is unified to "Eye of Malroth", how it's mentioned in dialogs, to avoid confusions. - Consequently, final boss name Shidor passes to Malroth. - Interrupted message "Oh, [name], it seems you've died... in battle!", that appeared like "Oh, [name], it seems you've di... in battle!" fixed, and erased the code that made its first line pass quickly. - Added double "L" to "Firebal" spell name, that passes to "Fireball". - Removed unnecessary spaces after spell names in battle, when learning new spells. - An ENTER code added in the messages that appear after using the field spells Heal and HealMore, to avoid the name "Samantha" makes text window be overflown. - Remove unnecessary spaces at the end of some few item names, like Torch, Club, Lithograph. - Untranslated enemy name Meda (shortened version of Medama, "Eye Ball") changed to Eyeba. - Enemy name "Kiss Dragon" fixed to "Kith Dragon". - Typo "mirclae" fixed to "mircale" in "if you hold that statue over your head, it's said a miracle occurs." And also, some people said they became dizzy with the previous demoscening-style splash screen, or it was "obnoxious" (a new word that I've learnt, lol) so I've used this occassion to replace it by a milder one. The previous cracktro is now optional (by pressing select); I think it's beautiful, though, it kind of reminds me to Commodore 64 & Amiga days. I imagine that, now, there is not any possible spot left on this English fan localization of 2002, that I honestly consider it was a great job; it was a matter of intellectual honesty, for me, to get some few time to port to it the anti-game breaking bug fixes that I had already made for my Spanish translation of DQ1+2 from English to Spanish; so here it is. If someone here is Spanish speaker, by the way, he can also enjoy this in his mother tongue through this link: http://crackowia.gq/dqust1y2.html .
  2. Thank you very much, guys! I'm glad to hear this is being of help!
  3. Regards: I have the honour to announce here the release of a new patch, that I have created, that fixes all the bugs that existed in the English translation of Dragon Quest 1+2 for SNES, like the game freezing dialog in the inn of Beranule / Beran, the Prince of Cannock's cloning bug, or the endless dialog with a nun after defeating Hargon, near the end, as well as an untranslated variant of the DQ1 ending that was still in Japanese, when you complete the game by carrying the princess Laura in your arms; besides many other important bugs (like the one that cuts a dialog during the DQ1 final battle). The patch is here: http://crackowia.gq/dqust1n2.html It also restores the random name generation system for the princess of Moonbrook and the prince of Sumaltria / Cannock. Based on what name you choose for the hero, it will choose a name from a list of 8 options for the princess, and another for the prince. It has been restored to how it worked in the Japanese row ROM. They won't always be Rolando / Linda nor Kain / Maria anymore; there will be far more combinations and possibilities. I hope this is useful for the English speaking community.
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