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  1. There isn't anything like that. Nobody will do just that because K.Mix has it and more.
  2. More Vanilla meaning less new events? You can find many here https://w.atwiki.jp/dq_binary/pages/31.html Some only add new professions. I hope you will enjoy it and post some pictures!
  3. I collected some images for K.Mix. I tried not to spoil to much but you will be very happy to see the bonus dungeon from the GBC is in too!
  4. Hello everyone. I am EverydaySlime. I am using a translator to assist in this. I see that there is a nice Dragon Quest community with Westerners and I am surprised to see many fan games here too! Did you know we have some in Japan too? I would like to share them with you. I would like to share my number one favorite K.Mix. https://retrogamehackers.net/dq3kmix-readme/ This modification is of Dragon Quest III. It adds many events and scenarios to the game. Scenarios like playing event with Ortega and having non Rudia Party members! The difficulty is raised as well so be ready.
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