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  1. @forte343 No I have not. @Woodus That could be it honestly! I did install it on the switch. It's really nice. I'll figure out the language settings for the pc. Sounds like the solution. Thank you both
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Jram23. I am first of all so excited to be able to play this game! A quick story about me. I got into Dragon quest back in 2016/2017. I've played DQ6 through 9 and DQ11. I was curious about 10 because it was like it didn't exist in stores in the US. I found out around 2018 of January that it is an mmo that is released only in Japan. Around the summer of 2018 I bought the All in one Physical copy of DQ 10, just as a collection piece but maybe one day to start it up with a VPN. I gave up on that because there were too many good games coming out.
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