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  1. Hi! first of all, there is no really list for Items i know.. just stuff like this: https://dragonquest.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Dragon_Quest_X_healing_items you can just, press X on ya Switch controller when you are in the item menu, you will see the icon of each item! spells for ya class work a little bit different, the last skill tree is ya Class skill tree, the others are just weapon skilltrees. when you change a class, you get all the passives, and some active skills in the other class when you skill the class tree.. you cant really bad skill or something like that, just take a weapon that you like and give it a shot! and level the other jobs as well, so you get nice passive buffs and stuff! sry for my bad englisch... but i hope it helped!
  2. well, i have some questions i want to play with my girlfriend.. did we need to play the same race to play together? or is the story tied at the point after the race story? and.. can i just make a party with her and play the story? and sry, english is not my first language
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