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  1. Favorite DQ game: either DQ III, X or XI, depends on the mood of the day, but that's the holy trinity! Least favorite DQ game: DQ V, but being the least favourite game in my favourite series is really not that detrimental, it's just that the whole marriage thing doesn't appeal to me Favorite DQ spin-off game: imagine me writing anything other than Rivals here, that would be a shocker (and a lie) Least favorite DQ spin-off game: Wars, I'm even a big fan of the genre but that game was a huge, huge mistake Favorite 1-off RPG: Final Fantasy Tactics (if that counts, I guess it does?), Rogue Galaxy, Soul Nomad & the World Eaters Favorite other RPG series: Etrian Odyssey Least favorite 1-off RPG: Geez, I tend to forget things I didn't like unless they turned into so-bad-it's-so-good experiences... no clue honestly Least favorite RPG series: I'm sure it exists and it's out there, but I have no memories left of it! Favorite DQ character(s): Serena, Milly, Anlucia — outside of the blondfest we have Trode, Sylvando, the Princess of Moonbrooke, Luida/Patty, Raguas Least favorite DQ character(s): the guard dude from V, what was his name again... Tuppence? Oh, and Terry and his "Gary was here! You're a loser!" moments Favorite DQ monster(s): Killing Machine, Crème caraslime Least favorite DQ monster(s): Giant Moth, that's not a monster, it's a nightmare with wings Favorite other RPG character(s): Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, Gig from Soul Nomad, Finn from Fire Emblem Thracia 776, Celes from FF VI Favorite other RPG monsters(s): Moogles in any shape or form, then Pumpkaboo, Volcarona and Turtwig for my Pokémon choices! Favorite color: pastel pink Favorite pet(s): both dogs and cats! Favorite musical genre/artist(s): I listen to anything and everything, if I have to pick a random artist let's go with Mondo Grosso Favorite song(s): Labyrinth (Mondo Grosso), Owner of a Lonely Heart (YES), Music (Sakanaction), The Look of Love (Dusty Springfield) Favorite food(s): pizza, piadine, cakes and pies, everything that gives me the chance to bake or work with dough makes me happy! Favorite TV show(s): The Mentalist, Dr. House - Medical Division and if we're talking anime I would say Ping Pong The Animation, Hunter x Hunter, Chihayafuru Favorite movie(s): The first two movies in The Godfather trilogy, El laberinto del fauno, The King's Speech, The Iron Giant, The Black Cauldron, Treasure Planet Favorite sports team(s): as long as they strive for victory and give it all they've got, all of them! I have no allegiance, only respect! Pet peeve(s): poor hygiene habits in general, that's the one thing that enrages me to demon lord levels of evilness
  2. You're welcome! I wish I could have released all three volumes at once, but the amount of work behind just one of them (the first one even more so) is really gargantuan. But the remaining two will definitely appear in the future
  3. The last big update just dropped! The new expansion pack features only 8 new cards, but its theme is pretty dope (boss rush)! The final chapter for the Adventure Mode is also available, together with the re-runs of a lot of stuff from the boss challenges. The translation for the the new stuff is ready as well, I'm just waiting for them to release the updated text for some cards in order to give Woodus the revised files By the way, be sure to check the Shop section! It's been updated with a lot of neat stuff that makes much more lenient to get legend rares from card packs
  4. The final chapter for Adventure Mode should be released around the end of the month! The game staff didn't really go into details about this, but the did mention this new addition will serve as the conclusion of the single-player experience and I fully expect them to add some sort of final boss, considering it was hinted at since the very first chapter
  5. Thank you! That's definitely what I was going for when I first started... oh my, that's about two years ago, time sure flies I'm really glad I have the opportunity to share it with the DQ community. Rivals may be ending soon, but the memories will remain as long as everything the game offered to the players is well preserved! Unfortunately that's a bit tricky with the dubbing work, but at least all the artworks (and heck I love what they did with the artstyle) will be available to anyone
  6. This made me quite sad and yet so grateful to the game, thinking back on how much it is and will ever be dear to me. April marks 2 years I've been doing translations and guides for everything the game offered, and overall 3 years of me playing it. I'm not sure to what extent this was known to the dedicated groups on other platforms, but since I want everything that was done to be preserved for the DQ community, I would be glad to share everything I worked on here on Dragon's Den as well. I have the translation files for every set released and guides for pretty much every mode in the game, and I will cover the stuff that will come in the next three months, mainly the expansion pack for the latest set that should drop in about a month or so. Since the game is reaching its deadline I would be inclined to believe there will be no more banlists and thus the cardtext won't be subject to further changes, making it the "final" version. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything about it (I recently made a Twitter account as well because of other translation projects I'm working on, same nickname so it should be easy to spot) and thank you for your time, I sincerely hope there were as many people who played and loved the game, maybe even thanks to the translation work, as the hours of incredible fun the game provided me with.
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