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  1. The last big update just dropped! The new expansion pack features only 8 new cards, but its theme is pretty dope (boss rush)! The final chapter for the Adventure Mode is also available, together with the re-runs of a lot of stuff from the boss challenges. The translation for the the new stuff is ready as well, I'm just waiting for them to release the updated text for some cards in order to give Woodus the revised files By the way, be sure to check the Shop section! It's been updated with a lot of neat stuff that makes much more lenient to get legend rares from card packs
  2. The final chapter for Adventure Mode should be released around the end of the month! The game staff didn't really go into details about this, but the did mention this new addition will serve as the conclusion of the single-player experience and I fully expect them to add some sort of final boss, considering it was hinted at since the very first chapter
  3. Thank you! That's definitely what I was going for when I first started... oh my, that's about two years ago, time sure flies I'm really glad I have the opportunity to share it with the DQ community. Rivals may be ending soon, but the memories will remain as long as everything the game offered to the players is well preserved! Unfortunately that's a bit tricky with the dubbing work, but at least all the artworks (and heck I love what they did with the artstyle) will be available to anyone
  4. This made me quite sad and yet so grateful to the game, thinking back on how much it is and will ever be dear to me. April marks 2 years I've been doing translations and guides for everything the game offered, and overall 3 years of me playing it. I'm not sure to what extent this was known to the dedicated groups on other platforms, but since I want everything that was done to be preserved for the DQ community, I would be glad to share everything I worked on here on Dragon's Den as well. I have the translation files for every set released and guides for pretty much every mode in the game,
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