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  1. Alright, I want to connect to the internet, but I'm playing on Citra, and it seems like it doesn't want to connect. The statue says the connection is good, but when I try to load it, it goes on forever. Does anyone here know how to fix this? Sorry if this is off topic. Also, I have tried connecting using a Citra room, but nothing changes. Edit: Also just came across a new issue. I can't connect to Streetpass Battle, since when I try to, it says I've failed to create Streetpass data. However, I've actually already opened it once normally, and I had set it up. Once I left the menu, it asked for me to create it again, but it wouldn't work. Anyone know how to fix this issue as well?
  2. Didn’t know that you could scout them multiple times, that’s cool. Already got some info that the trial key monsters can be scouted multiple times as well, so this is good. Now I can get the Dark Dragonlord without losing the chance to get Grand Estark.
  3. I have Discord, but I haven’t joined that group. Might as well do that now, since I want to confirm. Thanks for telling me, and good luck with the rest of your game!
  4. Hey, sorry for notifying you, but I'm also wondering about the monsters that you get from the trial keys, that you need to create the 4 square monsters from the realms, like the Beast's Trial Key. Is it possible to get multiple copies of them in order to create multiple 4-square monsters? I want to get Grand Estark, as well as the Dark Dragonlord, but I'm worried that by going for one monster, I can't get the other. So, is it possible to get more than one? Thanks.
  5. Thank you very much, now I can start going for better monsters. I'm on Citra, so I can't access the internet on the game. I can enter the lobby fine, and it says the WiFi signal is on, but whenever I try to connect to the internet, it goes on forever.
  6. So, I've just entered the post-game for DQM2 on the 3DS. I know that you can get the synthesis guide from the game itself by heading to the library, and I've already done so for everything up to A-Rank. However, to get the S-Rank and SS-Rank libraries, you basically need to complete the post-game entirely, which I don't want to do without grabbing more powerful monsters (currently using a "Gryphynx" and my Monter as my main team, got lucky with scouting the Gryphynx). I want to try to at least grab a 4-slot monster, but every guide I search online is a Japanese site, which doesn't work since the "Google Translate" doesn't list the names found in-game, but does a "translation" of the japanese text, so it gets confusing. Is there any good English Synthesis guides online, at least for the S-Rank and SS-Rank monsters? Thanks for the help.
  7. I'm a big fan of the Dragon Quest Monsters Joker franchise, and I've been trying to play the Professional version of Joker 2, but I cannot get the English Patch to work for me. I'm trying to use a program called "xdelta3.exe" to install the patch, but the instructions are vague, and it isn't working at all. Even when I drag the files into the program, it doesn't work. If possible, I would like some help to get it working, or if it's possible, somehow get a already-patched version with a free save slot. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask... (attached is an image of the files I have on the left and the "instructions" on the right)
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