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  1. I'm pretty excited for this one though I do hope we get more news about Infinity Strash soon. I worry a bit about the market for DQ-based mobile games becoming oversaturated but Square-Enix seems to be putting a fair amount of effort into promoting this one. I'm curious how the game will handle playable characters and gacha mechanics. Haven't seen much info on that yet.
  2. Hewwo everyone! I'm esoterica or eso (no relation to the Elder Scrolls Online), and I go by any pronouns. I've been more or less aware of Dragon Quest as a series since I was a little kid; my father had a copy of the original Dragon Warrior that I'm pretty sure he got from the Nintendo Power promotion. I've dabbled with the series here and there over the years, even amassing a bit of a collection of DQ games, but the recent Adventure of Dai anime finally kicked my interest into overdrive. The main focus of my DQ interest right now is on that series but I'm slowly playing through DQXI on m
  3. Spoiler response: I am really enjoying this adaptation so far, minor niggles aside, though I do hope the pacing slows down a bit now that we're creeping up on unanimated territory. The department store episode seemed to take its time and put some original content in (unless my memory fails me again!) which gives me hope in that regard. Excited to see a new opening and ending soon as well, since we're about due for one!
  4. The Matoriv stuff is definitely super unfortunate. His behavior is actually a lot worse in the manga, too. One of the big changes this adaptation has made has been 'cleaning up' most of the sexualized content that appeared here and there in the manga, which is a great relief to me considering most of the characters are teenagers. I don't understand why they didn't excise that aspect of Matoriv's personality entirely as it really sticks out like a sore thumb now. Not to excuse it or anything, but I seem to remember it becomes much more infrequent as the series goes on. There are some
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