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  1. What i learned last days in dragon quest monsters terry´s wonderland: When you would fuse Zoma with another Zoma, you will brake the upper Limits.
  2. I read that the storyline gets way further in DQM Joker 3 Pro. So the patch is from normal Joker 3. What is then after the "normal" storyline with that patch? all in japanese then? Edit: Okay, i have start the game now with the patch. I think new monsters and new text´s are in japanese. Even at the start i dont know what i can do with that "frog" when he "joins" me. I know, fans must translate that game, but i dont get it. I mean, the normal Joker 3 is completly translate, why not professional? I dont mean you Eiz, ty for your work Edit2: Okay sorry, i was totally
  3. this. i found some green gems from green scissors. than you!
  4. Hi Guys! Its very hard to find some item list and where to get items for Joker 3. So i have to ask here: Where i can find green gems?
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