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  1. Absolutely would love a full English names walkthrough guide for DQMJ3P! That would be awesome, the above link I posted is great but there is a severe lack of pictures, naming conventions, and more niche details like obtaining special event/monster world discs, if this is even possible without perhaps memory hacking or AR codes...really want the Management Terminal Q484 disc/monster as well as the other event items. Good luck with it :).
  2. Wow yeah I figured it out in the end...all it needed was to have the healing line ability , that was it, nothing complicated. This guide I found is absolute life saver, has almost everything you need even info on what the scoutQ missions require you to do: https://a2d4mapz7atnnlx34u6sh3stbu-fe3tvbk6lcbjw-dragon-quest-jp.translate.goog/dqmj3/ Going back to the question about event exclusive disks and monsters...I'm unsure if they can even be obtained without perhaps cheat codes to give "all items" because, with the above example of the Q484, it's just a disc item that triggers a mission
  3. Damn, really struggling with one thing. The Nochoro in the top right corner, next to Chomach...he asks about making a Siemeda with HP Recovery skill...but, how? I can't even find the listed skill on any monster. Also, more confusing, he tells you that you can do this by combing a "Druid" with a "Slimy Rabbit" which will allow you to inherit the skill...I am assuming that is poor translation because i can't find a single monster called either of those, no Druid or Slimy Rabbit. Can anyone help figuring out which monsters he is actually talking about and which skill?
  4. Probably a super long shot, but would there be any way to get the "collaboration" monsters? For example, I assume they are items or disk maps like the DQ10 boss "management terminal Q484", but using citra specifically, i assume there is no way to get the codes to work. So for that, if it's simple an "item" that is required, do we have item codes or item cheat codes or quite simply, monster cheat codes that can just dump monster into the game? Guess it would require a save editor or hex editor so I have slim hopes but thought i'd ask anyway, seeing as we can "Mod" the files at least on PC.
  5. Hey, nice work, appreciate it. Probably not possible, but I assume there is no way monster transfer from DQMJ3 to J3P is possible on Citra? Not too much of a bother if not I didn't get TOO far in the DQMJ3 so happy starting from scratch if need be. Side note, I made a mod of the all the BGM to make it 50% quieter, as it annoyed me how LOUD the battles and background music is, so I drastically reduced its volume so I can better hear the battle sound effects which I quite enjoy (as it's silly there is no audio or music volume controls for the games). You still get BGM but all of it is much
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