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  1. I'm just a big rpg collector, rocking a physical rpg collection of over 1k games... so it's hard to play them all, but I make an effort. I was really feeling DQ8 the other day and pulled out my copy and picked up on my save (Right after getting Angelo) and really having fun. It didnt really click for me on the 3ds release.. I finally completed my Switch DQ11S playthrough. The extra super boss was interesting and challenging.
  2. Oh yeah! I actually still have my copy of the demo disc I got from Kmarts(like walmarts) so many years ago and was so excited to play it. I remember seeing that it was out a few weeks and freaked and went to buy it and the store was all out. I was so frustrated and had to rent it till it was restocked. But I played the crap out of the game and loved every moment. I'm a big rpg collector and back then I was really cutting my teeth on some great titles.
  3. I've shamefully not beaten the 3DS version of VII. I've been playing it on and off over the last 4 yrs.. I'm nearly done though, just gotta work on the element fights. But I've really enjoyed 8 again, I've owned the 3ds version since it released but kinda just sat on it, a horrible habit of mine.
  4. Oof.. I'm currently playing too many things. But atm I'm working on DQVIII on the 3ds, DQIX on the DS, Persona 5 Strikers on the Switch.. Dunno if Assassins Creed valhalla counts but it's pretty much a rpg, I'm nearly 70 hrs into that and almost done.
  5. My copy should arrive on Tuesday. I'm pretty excited to finally give it a try.
  6. Sorry for reviving a dead post but I recently started playing the 3DS version of 8. I'm just after the part where you help the mourning king. Found that amazing area that spawns Metal slimes and been using the camera refresh to grind those out. I went with a basic build for my team, swords/Courage for Hero, Axe/Fist on Yangus, Whips/Wands on Jessica and Bows and swords on Angelo. Anyone playing this again or for the first time in 2021? Lol
  7. Hello, I'm Branny and I've been lurking this forum for many years! I've finally decided to come out of the shadows after listening to the slime time podcast. I've been a Dragon Quest/Warrior fan since 98 and have always been a hardcore RPG fanboy! I started the series with the Moneters 2 and then with DQ7! Glad to finally join the forum and get to know everyone!
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