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  1. I'm stuck at Terry during the gate of reflection. I can't can't him. I really need to breed the jewelbag.
  2. I'm at The Gate of Reflection (really struggling with this one). I have a Gold Slime, a Phoenix, and a Great Drak. Gold Slime is a huge pain to level. I'll probably breed the Phoenix and Great Drak, but I haven't really caught too many boss monsters. Here's my current team.
  3. Thanks, man. I plan on it. I love and miss old forums... its sad that that and social media basically killed em. Dwm1 is the only DQ game I've ever played and now I plan to go complete the DQ series (up until ps2 or so games cause I live in Thailand and secondhand systems aren't cheap, so I'm stuck with my phone. I'm in a bit of a conundrum now. I posted in another thread. But basically I went to train at the gate of reflection knowing damn well I couldn't finish it. I took all my staffs and sold em all. Only to find out... I forgot to buy a warp wing! So now I'm debating what to
  4. And i brought all my staffs to sell on this trip. So I'm gonna lose like 15k (half of 30) and items. Fml.
  5. So, I was using a Unicorn as a healer for a long time. Eventually I incorporated it into my breeding to get a Goldslime... well, I made a big mistake and I guess I didn't level up the one offpsring that would have carried it, into the Goldslime. I think I'm gonna restart. Getting the Goldslime and leveling him up has drained me. I kind of want to restart unless there is an easy(ish) fix. Any ideas, guys? I'm pretty bummed. https://tenor.com/Z6Gx.gif
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