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  1. A new chapter has been posted! Chapter 4: Sacrifice
  2. For those who stumble across this, Chapter 3: "Break" has just been released!
  3. While I know it's a really far out there fantasy, I think it could be fun for XI S to receive a mini expansion that adds to the post game. While yes, it's always fun to take my level 99 team out into the wild and destroy monsters, it bothers me that I always have a certain final boss always looming overhead. I've destroyed them countless times, and man... I just want live happily with Erik, game! Let Eleven (who I named Luca in my file) rest! It's currently 3am and my brain is going into overdrive thinking about this, so I'm gonna treat you guys to a longish post about things I'd personally like to see in an expansion. Without further ado, here we go~! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Fun With Marriage/Partnerships Seeing as this is one of the main additions/improvements to XI, I feel that they could play with it a lot more. The dialogue when you're living with your partner of choice is really sweet and I adore the fact that you can walk around Cobblestone with them. However, I feel that the following additions could really add to the marriage experience: Dating :: Okay, so I know that DQ isn't exactly a life-simulator like Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley, but I think it'd be really cute if you could take your partners out on little dates around Erdrea. I'd love to see mini-cutscenes or a dating minigame of sorts included. However, the dates wouldn't just a fun little detail. I could maybe see them impacting the effectiveness of pep-powers between your partners if you choose to marry one of your party members. If you chose Gemma though, maybe the power of the upgraded charm she gives you increases (or it unlocks a new ability for you to use)? New Pep Power :: This would be immediately unlocked once you're in a relationship with a party member. To help make development easier, they'd probably make one base power that's universal to each partner and Eleven. I could see it working in a way that boosts the two's stats, or maybe it's one giant explosion of love that does damage to all enemies (personally, I like that option. Hehe...) As for a name... Well, the only one I can think of is "Holy Matrimony," but that's because I like to be cheesy when naming things... An Actual House :: Okay, so while having Eleven live in his childhood home is adorable, it's a little weird that you just kick Amber to the curb to perpetually live at Gemma's place. It'd be a really cute detail if, in this mini expansion, you had a quest that allowed Eleven to get his own house to upgrade. To set it apart from the current house, however, I could see it maybe having a storage function and maybe a crafting room that expands on the fun-sized forge in some way. (Also, please for the love of Yggdrasil give him and his partner a double bed! Tiny detail, but it'd make me really happy...) Mia as a Party Member Next up, let's talk Mia. I really think that she'd be adorable as a party member! Thinking about how she'd interact with everyone in the party puts a huge smile on my face and I think she'd be the perfect fit for an extra member. As for how she'd function, I actually have a Google doc for that, but it's a WIP so I'll list a summary of the important details: Outside of Battle :: Looking through the spell lists that are available online, there are some useful outside of battle skills that I think she could inherit that Erik didn't get. The two that specifically caught my eye were "Eye for Distance" and "Snoop." While items are certainly very easy to come across on your journey in XI, I can sometimes be dumb and not see them. Nose for Treasure is great (and Erik does his best), but ahh... Sometimes I just can't locate the treasures he's talking about. Having an ability that'd make things even easier to locate would be amazing (and make 100% on my level 99 file a lot easier to obtain...) Weapons and Skills :: This is where things get really fun! As seen in a recent Rivals clip, it's apparent that she knows how to use a knife. So, essentially, she'd be like a mini Erik. To set her apart though, I could see her getting a unique and new weapon: a bow and arrow. I don't know why, but it just seems fitting for her to have one to me... I could also see her having access to a lot more spells than Erik. I like to think that in the post game Veronica wound up teaching her magic (or is teaching her magic depending on the timeline), so she'd be more attune to spells. Yet, she'd still act more as a support character, having skills like "Egg On" to raise tension and "Insulatle" to protect the party against fire and ice attacks. Also, as an interesting nod to the fact that she was cursed, I could see her maybe having "Sheen" which apparently lifts curses from a party member. Pep Powers and Partners :: I haven't exactly delved too far into this on my document, but I think her main pep partners would be Erik, Eleven, and Veronica. The first one I've come up with is a pep power that I've lovingly titled "Brother Knows Best" which allows Mia to essentially act as a doppelgänger to Erik. When it's used, she can copy most of his physical moves/abilities for a short period of time. The second pep is essentially an upgraded version of "Itemized Kill" and is titled "Sticky Fingers" where Mia is able to steal items from multiple enemies while Erik and Eleven deal damage. There's also one called "Hot Shot" with Veronica that's a combination of Mia's bow wielding and Veronica's "Frizz" where Mia fires a barrage of flaming arrows at a group of enemies. New Story This one doesn't exactly need a list, so I'll make it a brief few sentences. I think that adding a new side-plot to the game would help with the whole "evil looming in the sky all the time" thing. What I've imagined is a plot where you need to travel back in time to Serenica's timeline somehow (maybe the Tockles) and help her out of a predicament. Either that or they simply make a new plot centered in current-day Erdrea that isn't 100% world-ending. Ideally, I'd like something that addresses the elephant in the room about the events of Act II. While your other party member's don't know anything about it, it's clear that Eleven remembers it all. The fact that he has to live with that trauma bothers me so much, and I just want him to be able to show/tell the others' and overcome it so badly... The memories clearly still exist within the Yggdrasil roots too (as seen in the Act III during a certain event as well as the root at the Academy), so it probably wouldn't be that difficult to explore. There are plenty of ideas I have for this, so I'll just leave it here... But those are the basic ideas. (Ah, and a rebuilt Dundrasil would be really cool to include as well!) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- So yeah... Those are just a few of my silly ideas for an XI expansion. Feel free to add your own ideas, or you know... Tell me how bad mine are (I can take it). Lol.
  4. Hello, I've been working on a piece of LuminErik fanfiction and wanted to share it here. Please give it a read if you're interested! Falling Away With You Fandom: Dragon Quest XI S Rating: T Relationships: Erik/Hero Characters: Erik, Eleven (Hero) Summary: The day Yggdrasil fell, they fell together. Now, Eleven and Erik must traverse a fallen Erdrea in search of their companions and Erik’s lost memories. Note: If you want to support this fic elsewhere, visit my Twitter or my Tumblr and drop a like or retweet/reblog! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: The amount of views this topic as gotten is making me really happy! I was really nervous to share at first, but it's really encouraging to see that my fic has caught some attention.
  5. Hello there! I was wondering if anyone knows if the tilesets and sprites from the game's 2D mode are available anywhere. I have been looking around and was only able to find the sprites for the main cast. While this is very helpful, I would really like to have the main areas and NPCs as well. If anyone might be able to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thank you.
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