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  1. For those who stumble across this, Chapter 3: "Break" has just been released!
  2. While I know it's a really far out there fantasy, I think it could be fun for XI S to receive a mini expansion that adds to the post game. While yes, it's always fun to take my level 99 team out into the wild and destroy monsters, it bothers me that I always have a certain final boss always looming overhead. I've destroyed them countless times, and man... I just want live happily with Erik, game! Let Eleven (who I named Luca in my file) rest! It's currently 3am and my brain is going into overdrive thinking about this, so I'm gonna treat you guys to a longish post about things I'd persona
  3. Hello, I've been working on a piece of LuminErik fanfiction and wanted to share it here. Please give it a read if you're interested! Falling Away With You Fandom: Dragon Quest XI S Rating: T Relationships: Erik/Hero Characters: Erik, Eleven (Hero) Summary: The day Yggdrasil fell, they fell together. Now, Eleven and Erik must traverse a fallen Erdrea in search of their companions and Erik’s lost memories. Note: If you want to support this fic elsewhere, visit my Twitter or my Tumblr and drop a like or retweet/reblog! --------------------------------------
  4. Hello there! I was wondering if anyone knows if the tilesets and sprites from the game's 2D mode are available anywhere. I have been looking around and was only able to find the sprites for the main cast. While this is very helpful, I would really like to have the main areas and NPCs as well. If anyone might be able to point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thank you.
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