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  1. These are definitely some interesting questions, definitely one of the common questions is the one that revolves around Erdrick, people question who they were yet we may know them as the DQ 3 hero but is treated as a title in the series. So was there a hero long before the entire hero cast that was actually called Erdrick before it became an honorary title for future heroes to come? Plus you have Roto and Loto as well (Roto meaning the same thing i think the other was a translation or something). Now if i were to ponder about some of those questions, I can just imagine a Zenithian trilogy
  2. Yeah I can't really be bothered with the fiend keys as you tend to get them in future events anyway plus i'm aiming to get my characters to decent levels before even worrying about the keys, though it's cool you can save the keys till whenever you want to use them you can only use them once every time (as the key breaks or something) so that's why it's best to collect them when you want specific special equipment drops. Erdrick powder is really cool, best to collect as much as possible to refine Erdrick Equipment should you get some in future, and with this current portal boss event it's kind
  3. Thank you!!! this whole place is a quest of it's own! very exiting
  4. THIS MASTERPIECE IS AMAZING!!! NICE WORK GUYS! it all rhymes really well, a katwacking good job indeed, just in time for the big day itself HAPPY QUESTMAS EVERYONE!!! even if it was first created in 2015 it still lives on
  5. This is my first day being on a website forum in general so it's confusing where to start, i've probably should not have started a random topic but there were so many topics i did not know where to begin, so yeah i'll be rusty for a while while i figure out what does what, and where to talk. Also with posting, i'm good at finding random stuff online plus i can find the source them so i'll try and help around if i can i guess but i'm mostly on Discord
  6. Sometimes there could be login issues, like i've had times where it just freezes and the app has had login problems before when not in maintenance.
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