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  1. If you could get into the servers there is a possibility. Youd be able to get the legendary Aibou and Zomas Devil on the PS1 remakes of Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2. I cant find cheat codes for them on epsxe so I cant get them
  2. I translated one of the pictures and died of laughter "That's when the man in black came and proudly told us about the Demon King And then the so-called Gap King (this title...) Docker appeared So many treasures are clean in a flash And then we were given a key to the gap and let's go there In exchange for three legendary treasures, the belly button, the adulterer laughs and disappears" The belly button lmao "(There must be at least three empty spaces in the item bar on the body at this time) After preparing OK, talk to Watabo and choose yes. Thr
  3. This is very different from the Gameboy color games. Kamehameha comes and blocks the hole with a golden apple that wiggles? And Warabou ends up blocking the stairs to the key shrine gate. Ive talked to everyone in town, the breeding area, and the arena and have no idea what to do. I thought giving mother the Lovewater like in the Gameboy games would work, but it turns out she wont accept any item from the store. So I cant travel to new gates thanks to Warabou, talking to the guard blocking the way to the castle does nothing (in the GBC version you tell him youve seen Kameha and he t
  4. Are there any other monsters/character sprites you need ripped from the Gameboy Color, GBA, or DS, Monsters games?
  5. Kagebou, he is related to Watabou, Warabou, and Aibou =] Thanks for uploading them master Woodus
  6. I'm using a Mac with the newest version of Safari and Chrome. I went to search for Kagebou, Lamia, and Dimensaur icons and noticed for some reason the gameboy color sprites wouldn't load for any of them on these links: https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=2096&pickedname=Kagebou https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=2142&pickedname=Lamia https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=2141&pickedname=Dimensaur Luckily I ripped HD PNGs from m
  7. Looks clean to me. The release date for it was 2002/01/28. Upon reading through some translated text though I have come to a state of confusion, since you're the wikipedia of Dragon Quest Monsters for us Americans I have to ask you a few things. The translated article Image mentions a "Dragon Quest Monsters EZ" which I would highly assume is the 2002 version you just added. Then below that a game called "Dragon Quest Monsters J" was mentioned as well as an add-on app called "Mysterious Tower App" Were Dragon Quest Monsters EZ and Dragon Quest Monsters J the same game? We
  8. On the drop down menu of woodus when you scroll over "All games" and go to "Monsters" it is listed as DQ Monsters 1 (MOB). The 2006 game is officially named "Dragon Quest Monsters Mobile" without a 1 or I in the title. The 2002 mobile phone game made by EZweb was called one of two names: Dragon Quest Monsters I (MOB) and "Dragon Quest Monsters J" Upon looking at the link you posted it seems EZweb made both games, one with Gameboy Color graphics (the 2002 game) and one for newer phones in 2006 with gameboy color graphics. The 2002 version you could connect to a PS1
  9. I was doing a video Video Link on what I thought was the lost i-mode adapter game "Dragon Quest Monsters I" that was for I-mode compatible cell phones that allowed you to get Aibou/Ayebou and Zomas Devil on Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 for the PS1. Even in the video I was confused based on conflicting information and dates listed in a few articles and on this site wondering if they were 2 different games. So it seems my hunch was right, the game I was reviewing wasn't the I-mode compatible game, it was a game created at a later time. This game here was the one I thought MIGHT be t
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