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  1. This is a cool practical book. This book helped me learn Japanese in college.
  2. Sometimes it seems to me that this is a cool performance for people with no taste. I recently read an article on graphical understanding of the world. The person who resumes must portray not real objects, he must portray images.
  3. It looks like Rubius is really a goddess. But it is also interesting that her character has the standard qualities of beauty, that is, in our time. And this beauty is determined by our tendencies, so how strange it is. Are there examples of true beauty in the time of Rubius?
  4. I've been collecting these comics for several years. I received my first magazine in 2010. These photos you have posted are so beautiful, I love it! By the way, I also wanted to ask, how you guys find abandoned places? Are there some archives, base or something like this? And how can new people be aware and join? It looks so exciting I even found this https://freebooksummary.com/the-cask-of-amontillado-15-21942 service to have more free time from college. So, I am ready even to pay for personal statement writing for my paper to be able to join discovering such places in my city.
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