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  1. WOOOHOOO So accidentally uploaded the images out of order but this is huge progress. I grinded like HECK and got all my boys to Lv17~20, with lots of investment into their offensive stats and abilities. MOOSIFER IS NO MORE he can be a real run stopper, with his powerful Psych Up Boom's, but the consistent damage dealt by my boys made short work of him, I only needed to heal once halfway into the battle. This is usually a sign of things to come, the easier Moosifer is the more confident you can be in the next few segments. Though if I want to accomplish th
  2. And Golem is dead! It was a pretty easy once the gooey boys didn't die in one hit. Phoenix Sceptre is coming soon.
  3. Update, all my boys are at Lv16, decent HP going on, about 60~50hp but MP is pretty limited. Reminder none of these slimes are synth'd yet, that has to wait until Palaish. Got Iron Lances and equipped Sacred Lance, getting my team a very significant power boost. I'm coming for you Golem!!
  4. Just hit a huge wall, Golem is kicking my butt, one shotting my healer. Plan is to grind to like Lv21 or something so I can bolster my stats, supplemented by the skill seeds in Xeroph NOTE! Anyone attempting this challenge needs to remember you are stuck in Xeroph after the Orc fight until you beat Golem.I didn't know this so I am now on extra hard lol
  5. Orc took lots of turns! Taking roughly 6-10 damage per hit. I grabbed the 2 available seeds of skill and buffed up my hitter's attack stat, grabbing me about +1 extra damage per hit.
  6. No screenshot today but I am updating: The grind is obviously real, and I don't always have time. By this point, I have gotten 3 slimes to Lv5, and will be using these 3 as-is unless I hit a wall, or until I reach the Phoenix Sceptre in Palaish. Let's Goo!
  7. It has begoon I selected mischievous mole and immediately used him to scout the first slime. My mission now is clear, level up as fast as I can and invest into attack boost, hopefully grabbing more slimes along the way.
  8. Goo aftergoo! *slurp* I'm here to let goo know about a challenge run I will be attempting in the following days. Ever wonder what slimy slick shenanigans a goo-man can get to using only a team of three slimes? These ain't no regoolar slimes either. (Or rather, they are.) As I will only be using the regular, blue variant of slime found all over Infant Isle. The drools and objectives are simple: 1. Complete the Joker games using exclusively "Slime" monsters, this means blue, teardrop shaped slimes. No behemoths, cureslimes, or king slimes either. 2. On
  9. Mainly saying this because the last post on the older games in the series seem to be 5~ yrs old (EDIT: There are a few recent posts, my bad.) I'm interested in posting a challenge run here, where I run the DS Joker games using only slimes (the basic ones only) but don't think anyone will pay attention to it in a board that is essentially dead. (Read the edit) So the question is, where do I post such an adventure?
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