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  1. You doing all slimes again? Yea, the plan is to beat the Joker series using only slimes
  2. VICTORY! With Estark dead, the journey to the island begins. Joker 2 will be coming soon.
  3. Snapped is dead, it's Estark now, he's giving me trouble
  4. So I did all the stuff for Solitaire's Challenge, including Rank X Arena but I forgot to get a screenshot of the actual victory screen, might redo the fight for screenies if y'all want it. Anyway here's the good stuff:
  5. Another lightning round, Ace of Spades victory screen didn't want to upload so just take my word for it.
  6. That's fascinating, learning weird stuff about this game every time I get back into it haha
  7. I am the superior Slime Master
  8. yea I'm pretty confident for most the rest of the game, Really just trying to get to the Snapped Infern Isle Arc at this point.
  9. I did Fert Isle first, and apperantly that was Great Dragon. As for proof: He wasn't much of a threat, though with such powerful babies it's not surprising anymore. I wonder if Dr Spoiler will be my next roadblock, for now, Demon-at-Arms and Belial are the next targets.
  10. So here's a lightning round. Here's Dr Snap's 4th gauntlet team: Here's the victory screen: Here's his final dialogue IF you beat him: After that he says the same as he would if you had lost. Next target? Demon at Arms or Great Dragon, don't remember which was next off the top of my head Haha.
  11. Update Currently at Dr Snap's Gauntlet. Most of the fight is a total joke for the stupidly overleveled might of my groovy great gooligans, however the fourth stage is a decently challenging wall. I'm pretty confident grinding more isn't necessary per se, However due to the format it will be a bit hard being able to arrive to fight 4 without being super banged up. See you guys soon! Dr Snap can eat my shorts
  12. WOOOHOOO So accidentally uploaded the images out of order but this is huge progress. I grinded like HECK and got all my boys to Lv17~20, with lots of investment into their offensive stats and abilities. MOOSIFER IS NO MORE he can be a real run stopper, with his powerful Psych Up Boom's, but the consistent damage dealt by my boys made short work of him, I only needed to heal once halfway into the battle. This is usually a sign of things to come, the easier Moosifer is the more confident you can be in the next few segments. Though if I want to accomplish the Bonus challenge, I still have some grinding to do. See you guys soon B)
  13. And Golem is dead! It was a pretty easy once the gooey boys didn't die in one hit. Phoenix Sceptre is coming soon.
  14. Update, all my boys are at Lv16, decent HP going on, about 60~50hp but MP is pretty limited. Reminder none of these slimes are synth'd yet, that has to wait until Palaish. Got Iron Lances and equipped Sacred Lance, getting my team a very significant power boost. I'm coming for you Golem!!
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