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  1. Ah yes I re listened to this episode the other day I love the insight. Guys are very talented to be able to pull off such a task. Definitely above me lol
  2. Right on! Thank you very much for the direction it will definitely help I'll just keep grinding as I go. I love these mechanics in games because you never know what people can come up with!
  3. Im just past getting the wrecking ball ( worked the weekend so I didn't get a chance to play) and so he is starting off as a thief.
  4. Thank you guys! Great insight and tips to help. So would it be silly to make my thief into a priest back to a thief?
  5. Well I guess they all can attack but I meant they are a then a warrior class but with the heal options my priest had?
  6. I'm play the switch version which I think is technically the mobile? So you are saying I can turn my priest into a warrior and they can heal and attack?
  7. Still very early in dq lll and I made one of my party members a thief is it a good class to keep? Or later should I promote him to another class? I have the hero , a priest , and a mage as well.
  8. Was it translated? At some point I need to get a laptop or PC so I can play some of these games.
  9. I want to play Rocket Slime for sure , and I'm really hoping they bring the heroes games to switch in the US because I have way more time to play handheld than on my PS4 with having two kids.
  10. Thank you guys! I have actually been reading that a but at a time at work when I get a second and it's great! I think my plan is to go in order as best I can , I was looking 5 on ds seems to be reasonable but 6&9 are even pricier then what 4 was.
  11. My wife let me splurge on a ds copy for 4 so I'm very excited for that one when I get to it.
  12. Thanks everyone for welcoming me and I look forward to more discussions!
  13. Oh right on guys! I love grass , ground and electric types the most , my favorite game is Ruby/sapphire and my all time favorite pokemon is Sceptile.
  14. I'm HUGE into pokemon as well growing up with it it's hard to beat (I'm 28). My second favorite series has been fire emblem for a long time my friend and I use to play path of radiance on GameCube all the time , but I tell you what DQ is pushing it for that place. Very glad I found the series and gave it another try. Favorite pokemon game? Favorite pokemon?
  15. I think I'm there myself . After 11 I had to see how it got to where it is today and so far I've like both 1 and 2 . Wish 2 had a little more direction but I looked online for help and found the guides here which helped when I was stuck. Also listening to all the DQ podcasts have given me some great insight to the series and the fan base is AMAZING!
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