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  1. I'm not very far. Did Rank D and wanted to breed some useful monsters before advancing further. I looked for specific pairings but didn't find much. Reaper, for instance, is only listed with "Any Zombie + Weed Bug". Are there more detailed Lists somewhere?
  2. I'm totally confused atm because my breeding results don't match all the recipes here and on other sites. I want to create a Dead Nite, which should be any Zombie as pedigree and any devil as mate. I tried Hork with Demonite and got Reaper, i tried DarkCrab with Grendal and got NiteWhip and i got Servant from Gost and Ogre i think. I'm not sure about the last one. I tried others and got more crap from it. The only thing that worked was Copycat and Ogre. Any idea what's wrong here?
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