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  1. Hi, i started to play DQX trial months ago, i'm currently on v2.0 My main classes are Sage & Martial Artist (both at lvl80), but also i like Warrior & Item Master. Can i get a invite? Name: まぅろ ID: SQ474-290
  2. Hello, is there's still hope on localization? On September i sent a support ticket to SE site and, they answered me that they'll send my message to an appropiate party, i don't know what we need to do, countless times they say "if there's enough fan support we'll do something" but this game (and the 3DS ones, because Nintendo is the one who brings them to their console) seems to be the impossible one even with all the fans requesting it since 2012, i'm not sure if SE Japan will continue supporting DQ10 after 2022, but, i hope we get it on some way, especially now that Xbox is getting DQ11S,
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