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  1. i don't bother at all watching sports or award shows to me its all boring and nothing at all interesting.
  2. censorship has been nothing at all but pure cancer and nothign at all justifies it.
  3. voice acting is a very important aspect in games and it enhances the story even more.
  4. open one gift on xmas eve been doing it as a kid and it will always be a cherished tradition till i die.
  5. Looking for more games to purchase thats my main goal.
  6. I liked Trials and Tribulations but its a shame alot of the games hasn't been translated yet for the west.
  7. The Toon Zelda games are what i grew up with and have been a childhood favorite jrpg of mine like Kingdom Hearts
  8. Saw Madoka Rebellion recently liked how the animation and action just looks even more polished than on tv.
  9. I like Street Fighter a bit i'm mainly into smash.
  10. One game at a time before i go to the next one and see if theres any loose ends that should be cleared up.
  11. The DS version is the version i highly recommend since it has all the features from the ps1 and more on the ds version.
  12. Last smt game i played was devil survivor 2 record breaker its the most lighhearted smt game i've ever played and i love how dialogue choices actually matter unlike persona 5.
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