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  1. You have to type in Japanese to complete that quest. Also, here's a good resource you can use if you need help for quests https://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_quest.html
  2. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the warning message you're getting?
  3. You don't need one. The game can be downloaded digitally, both the trial and the full version.
  4. Hey, could I get an invite to the team please? Character Name: ローカン Character ID: JP093-854 Thanks!
  5. For auto translation I use another program along with the dialogue monitor and it's a Japanese program called CopyTranslate. It does what it says, takes what you copy and translate it without you having to do anything. The great thing is it's not just English and you can translate it into a multitude of languages because it's essentially automatic google translate without having to open a web browser.
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