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  1. Small update, version 0.4.0 came out last week : https://github.com/Ich73/DQM2-FanTranslation English Translation [EN] New Support for the official v1.1 update New Updated custom banner New Improved custom default and large font New Menu translation at 84% Complete translation for monster names, skills, actions, items, library entries, keys and titles New Complete montner creation translation Most field, menu, battle, wifi and traveler tips translations A few other translations New Small changes and fixes New Story translation at 6% New Most speaker names t
  2. Hey...so I not only beat this game I have completed the library of all monsters. Did you need my 3DS save data ? Also, most of the information has been compiled here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V7Q_sovR-j0ir9FKEVW_-T9O_SDPitdgQ_tntd0cl74/edit#gid=0 Thanks to the people testing/playing the English translation on Discord.
  3. Wow, been playing a lot of the DQM2 English translation (thanks to the Discord team). Completed the main story and post-game even playing a lot online. With the 3DS-Update (11.14.0-46) breaking CFW/online play...looking forward to giving this a shot offline. So for real-3DS hardware (CFW-users), we would need a copy of the DQMJ-3pro ".cia" file to get started with this ? A bit unclear on how to get started with this.
  4. break

    Thanks for sharing the DQM3 Joker-Pro project !

  5. @GooseBolt Have not really went past GBA, as far as PC-emulation goes. But good to hear that NDS & 3DS can be emulated on PC. Now a days, a new 2DS-XL can emulate PSX games and back @Plattym3 Oh yeah ? Very easy to install CFW (custom firm ware) on any model of 3DS/2DS So easy that you can do it yourself in under an hour (with no extra items to buy) Unsure if it is okay to talk about here But I am open to pointing you in the right direction. Very nice if you want to backup your game cart or digital purchased save data.
  6. @GooseBolt Always nice to meet a DQM fan. What systems are you playing the games on ? I know PC emulators are the easy way to go now. But something like a new 2DS-XL has a great handheld feel.
  7. Yep, I need to find a way to get the title-update file So I can check out this game online. DQM-Terry & DQM Joker-3 were a lot of fun online. Interested to see how crazy people's teams are online.
  8. Unsure if they ran across that problem yet. It seems like they are just focusing on translating everything but the story. (Monster Names, Skills, Inventory Items, etc) Also, are there any Dragon Quest 'Discords' that are active ?
  9. @Plattym3 Ah...I see Well, I will reach out and see if they can post information and progress here. But it will be important to come together and assist them With combined Dragon Quest knowledge and experience. That way, the chances of a nice public release will be a reality.
  10. @Plattym3 Indeed, I believe a Dragon Quest fan can make due Even if the story is not completely translated. If I understand how to attack, heal, and collect key items to progress the story Should be able to have fun and complete the game.
  11. Awesome, seems like a nice project ! From romhack, it seems like version 1.03 is your latest release : https://www.romhacking.net/reviews/4627/ Thanks for sharing and looking forward to checking out this hack
  12. Hey there, new to the forum And noticed there has been an interest in translation the 3DS-Game into English. Recently, I notice that someone has independently started work on the translation in multiple languages here : https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-and-lucas-marvelous-mysterious-key-wip-v0-1.573054/ I can reach out and see if they would be willing to post information here As this forum would seems like a nice resource for Dragon Quest information.
  13. Hey, so a new translation is starting up here : https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-and-lucas-marvelous-mysterious-key-wip-v0-1.573054/ Looks like they need a bit of help with Dragon Quest Item, Spell, and Skill names to finish the translation. They have been doing all of this work solo...so might need a little help.
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